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From: Sherri McMillan

Before I get into the details on how my PT Profits Mastermind Group will help you generate more revenue, give you time to work ON your business and not so much IN your business, give you TONS of marketing ideas and provide you with real easy to use consulting at a VERY low rate…I want to tell you a bit more about me and why you should keep reading this blog! I have been working in the Fitness Industry for over 18 years and have presented hundreds of workshops to thousands of fitness leaders throughout the world. I have written 5 Fitness Books and Manuals, and was recently awarded the “International Fitness Presenter of The Year Award” at the 2010 Can-Fit-Pro Convention.

I know what you are thinking….yeah…yeah…yeah, but how does that help me? Well, I am a firm believer in sharing my experiences in order to help others succeed. Not only have I done this while presenting at conferences, but I also run 2 fitness facilities in the Pacific Northwest. One of those facilities is a small 5,000 square foot facility where we generate over $1 MILLION in Personal Training per year using the systems and ideas that I share with all of our PT Profits Mastermind Members. It is SOOO important to work with trustworthy, experienced and proven consultants! When it comes to your baby…your business…you should work with someone who has met the same obstacles that you have! I have been there and have learned from it and want to share it all with you!

Before you read any more I want you to hear what a couple of our clients have to say about Northwest Fitness Education and our PT Profits Mastermind Membership:


Kathy McIsaac – A2K Fitworks – Winnipeg. Mb

“What I value most from the PT Profits Mastermind Program that NW Fitness Education provides is its mentorship. Since the Fitness Business is fairly young, there are not many places, or people to turn to for guidance and knowledge on the ‘everyday’ things of running a fitness business. Many of us know and understand the practical application of fitness but struggle with the business side of things. Finally there is a group of individuals who actually care to mentor, care about the growth of the industry and are not afraid to share their experiences and knowledge.

I would not be able to move forward and towards the next level of my business if it wasn’t for NW Fitness Education. I simply applaud you and all that you do and more importantly the way you do it!


Nora Wallace

“NWPT’s PT Profits Mastermind Group has been of tremendous value to our company. We enrolled with the mastermind group a year ago and have enjoyed a consistently higher cash flow each month and this year will be our best year yet. A lot of that success is due to the tools and support that NWPT has been so generous to share with all of us in the Personal Training profession. We have been implementing many of the tools that Northwest Personal Training uses each month and have seen a big difference in the way we manage and run our entire business. We are communicating in a much more efficient way with our staff through weekly memos and team meetings, using the format that Northwest Fitness Education has provided.

I consider Northwest Fitness Education to be my mentor in the field of personal training. They have taught me so much about running a business based on your values and dreams. They know what they are doing and have much success to prove it. The best is that they believe that there is enough to go around for everyone and are willing to share it with all of us. I definitely don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. When I see something that has had proven success I want to learn everything possible from it. From marketing and sales to team performance, the Northwest Personal Training Mastermind program is definitely a worthwhile investment for any personal training or fitness company looking to get ahead.

I would whole heartedly recommend that anyone looking to improve their personal training business success to register for any and all the programs that the Northwest Fitness Education offers. I can say that everything I have done with Northwest Fitness Education from taking their classes at IDEA conferences to attending their Business of Personal Training Workshop, having their company manual and getting their online coaching for the past year has helped us grow our business and reach our highest revenues ever.”

We generate $1 MILLION in Personal Training per year by having great systems in place that work! If you run your own Fitness Business (whether you are a sole proprietor or own gym/studio) I know that you are VERY busy! I know that because I own 2 Fitness Businesses myself and without the systems that I have created we would never be as successful as we are. I share those systems with you in real time through our PT Profits Mastermind Group. You get to follow along with everything we do! Ever wanted someone to just tell you what to do or to throw ideas your way? Well that is what the PT Profits Mastermind Group is all about! Use what you want, save what you don’t and we become your “go to” consultants to bounce ideas off of and to get the support …and many times the forms…that you need!

You get all of this stuff:

  • REAL TIME Access to business management information and strategies that have generating NWPT revenues of $200,000 per month.
  • Thousands of dollars of ready to use marketing promotions!
  • Ultimate electronic access to multimillion dollar information
  • Receive highly effective company communications including; communications to staff, clientele and local community initiatives.
  • Access to our Webinars will provide you thousands of dollars of web based sales training for you, your managers and your staff.
  • Over 20% off one on one business consulting with Sherri
  • Monthly Marketing and Promotional Initiatives
  • Monthly Programming Ideas
  • Specialty Events Planning
  • Team Performance Training
  • Team Building Events
  • Client Building Events
  • Customer Service Systems
  • Team Correspondence
  • Consultants: send in questions about your business and get the answers you need! Where else can you get personalized attention like that?

I will provide you with the same materials my Fitness Directors receive every month to operate our world-class personal training studios. Follow along and implement the systems that have made Northwest Personal Training a world-class, award-winning, million dollar training studio.

Our PT Profits Mastermind subscription gives you the best in fitness business information, which will lead to massive bottom line revenues! Receive all of this without having to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars reinventing the “success wheel”

To learn more contact info@nwfitnesseducation.com or Order Now by Clicking the button below!

Amir Rasinlic
Rock Body Boot Camp – London, ON Canada, Owner/Operator“I have gotten invaluable information from the NW Fitness Education PT Profits Mastermind Group. Thanks for the quick replies and tons of great information and resources.”

Alright Fitness Pros, now it is up to you! I have told you about who I am, about why I do what I do and given you examples of clients that have found success with our systems. Are you ready to start generating way more money for yourself and your business?

This is how it works:

Because you have taken the time to read about me and why I know this mastermind group is something every fitness business owner needs…I want you to try out our mastermind group for free for 2 months. This is only if you sign up by October 31, 2012!

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Note: The value of this program compared to other Corporate Business Systems is valued at over $700/month and $2200 Enrollment Fees… So what you get for what you pay for is tremendous!

Don’t hesitate. It is time to take your fitness business to the next level.

Yours in health, fitness and business,
Sherri McMillan