The ‘How To’ of Group Training

Yesterday, I taught a 2 hour Webinar on how to Make Money at Group Training and how to practically manage a group training session.

Group Training is definitely the wave of the future in Personal Training because it’s a win:win:win. It’s good for the client because they can access more frequent training at a lower rate plus they enjoy the group energy and group accountability. It’s great for the trainer because it mixes up the energy (less personal drama), they can earn a higher wage for the same hour and it’s just a ton of fun. And it’s a win for the business because you can generate higher revenues for the same period of time and achieve a higher level of profitability.

But if you don’t understand how to effectively program, package, bundle, market and promote your group programs, your potential will be greatly limited. And if you haven’t figured out how to effectively manage a large group and create the type of energy that people don’t want to live without, again, your success will be limited.

I’m teaching a group session today at noon. And although I have a plan for the workout, most of my thoughts are centered around what can I do to create an awesome experience for my clients today. Whether it’s a fun joke I’ll tell them. Or offer some cool fitness trivia. Or create the perfect music playlist. Today, I”m teaching a Brick Workout – 20 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes run and 20 minutes Core Conditioning. For the run segment, I’ve made up some fun chants to help them take their mind off the challenging effort that running always offers. So it works like this, I yell out the first line, they repeat. Then I yell the second line, they repeat. Think military chants. Here’s a couple sample chants that I’ll be leading today.

Exercising Everyday
Getting fit in every way
Working out night and day
Getting strong in every way

Bootcamp, Bootcamp is so fun!
Look at me and see me run.
Working out from noon to one
In the rain, cold or sun

Feeling good & Getting Strong
Being healthy all day long
I am fit and I am strong
Muscles getting lean and long
My heart is pumping hard and strong
Exercise ain’t never wrong

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Yours in Health, Fitness and Business,

ps. I wanted to let you know that the 2 hour Webinar I did yesterday is for sale for $99. It will be a great resource that you can refer to forever. Plus the $99 you spend will create so much more than that. Last year we did $100,000 in Group Training and an additional $150,000 in events. Just email Kari, our education director at and she’ll hook you up.

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Grass Roots Promotions Really Work!

Let’s say you’ve got a new Outdoor Bootcamp program you want to promote. Or you’re hosting a fundraising event. Or maybe you’re organizing a Girls Night Out at the club.

How do you get the word out?

Take a multi-focused approach.

  1. Personal Invitations – If you are in a facility setting, have your receptionists personally invite each person as they are coming and leaving. Have all group fitness instructors announce in their classes. Have all your trainers challenge their clients to participate. Make an announcement on your P.A. system on the hour.
  2. Fliers – Create a flier that lists the benefits that someone will experience by participating in the event and be sure to use quality photos and lots of testimonials. Post these fliers everywhere…bathroom stalls, attached to the cardio machines, anywhere someone may be looking.
  3. Get out into the community – Consider where your potential client may shop or regularly frequent. For example, we have an Outdoor Bootcamp program starting soon so my team is going to be handing out fliers at Trader Joes, Starbucks, WholeFoods and placing the fliers on people’s cars at public places close to our facility. This way we know the people either live or work in our community and are more likely to attend.
  4. Post the program event on your website and highlight in your enewsletters.
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