Simple Self Promotion: It Works!

If you are in the fitness industry you know that a major part of your time and effort goes into self promotion. Whether that be asking for referrals, sending press releases, hosting free seminars and more. So what are some of the simple, but essential ways to fill a class, fill a team training of fill your schedule?

You have to become exceptional at self-promotion!

Now that doesn’t mean getting super good at posting photos and videos of yourself and highlighting how great you are and all your accomplishments. That can be part of it. But more importantly it’s connecting with people, their goals and their interests and when you are offering something that will help them achieve those goals and aligns with their interests, you personally invite them.

You need to…..

  • email them
  • you call them
  • you message them on social media

you PERSONALLY invite them and let them know you want them on your team

You tell them….

  • you want to help them
  • you want to work with them

All of these things are simple, yet crucial self-promotion. It’s got to be about YOUR clients! Yours in health, fitness & business, Sherri McMillan

Get everything you need to run a successful fitness business with the same system I wrote and use at our facilities every day…..


BOPTbooklets 225x300 How to Gather Email Leads Online

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DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL! Let us give YOU the systems that we know work!


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Weight Loss Challenge: This Rule Is Top Priority

I have walked you through many different success strategies when it comes to hosting a weight loss challenge.


I recently sent a reminder to our personal training staff about this very important piece to a successful weight loss challenge:

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Fill Your Schedule – Encourage Monthly Clients

Clients that come see you for 1 on 1 personal training a couple times a week are the best kinds to get, but not all clients (or potential clients) can, want or need to see you that often. It is a good idea to try to fill the open time slots in your/your staff’s schedule by encouraging clients to see a personal trainer once a month for program updates. How do you encourage that type of client to sign up with you? Send them some of the information below. What better way to encourage folks to come see you than by educating them on why it is so important?

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Paid Time Off For Personal Trainers

Last week we discussed the importance of planning ahead when it comes to time off for your personal trainers. Here at Northwest Personal Training we offer paid time off. That is a major perk that not all personal trainers have. There is a reason for that. Paying a personal trainer when he/she isn’t bringing in money for your business can be tough on your bottom line. So how do we do it?

Our Paid Time Off Benefit:

Northwest Personal Training supports a balance between an employee’s personal and work life.  Therefore, we believe that employees should enjoy time away from work for relaxation and enjoyment, in addition to time off for illness, appointments, emergencies or other needs without loss of pay.

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Trainers On Vacation? Keep Clients Happy

We recently reminded our trainers to send in their vacation requests. We typically ask for this information at the beginning of the year, but we understand that things come up. As we approach summer….we are starting to get more requests for time off. We would like to have all vacation requests well in advance. This is to ensure that we don’t have too many trainers gone at the same time and so that we can prepare for the absence of trainers. Our general rule is to not allow more than 2 trainers to be absent at the same time. This will differ depending on how many clients you have and how many trainers you have.


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4 Tips For A Successful Weight Loss Challenage

Our annual Spring Makeover Challenge (weight loss challenge) is approaching quickly. All of our personal trainers recruit members for their team. The trainer’s teams compete against each other to see who can lose the most weight during the challenge.

Get the details on how we run our annual weight loss challenge

Many fit pro managers/owners have probably conducted weight loss challenges. Some successful and some not. Our weight loss challenge normally brings in $20k in additional revenue each year! We know the secrets and I am going to share them with you!

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Weight Loss Challenge Recruitment

Over the past few weeks I have showed you how to prepare for and create an alluring weight loss challenge. We are getting close to launching our Spring Makeover Challenge. Our trainers are heavily recruiting participants for their teams. Here is an email, our trainer Kristin, sent out to her past Spring Makeover Challenge participants. Remember, marketing and creating an interesting competition are top priorities if you want to run a successful weight loss challenge.



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Employee or Independent Contractor? You NEED to Get This Right!

Do you classify your staff as employees or independent contractors? Either way, you should know the law!

I just returned from IHRSA where I attended a session by an attorney who talked about the IRS crackdown on Fitness Clubs and Studios categorizing Trainers as Independent Contractors when they should be classified as Employees. All it takes is one disgruntled trainer or competitor to file a claim or report and the financial consequences, penalties and fees can be HUGE and into the 7-figures causing most businesses to file bankruptcy. Do it right from the beginning or it could spell trouble at your next audit. Here’s a couple slides from the presentation. California has created an A/B/C test and most clubs and studios would fail the test if they are trying to classify trainers as independent contractors. 

A worker is an employee under the Wage Orders unless the hiring entity establishes that the worker:

A) Is free from control and direction

B) Performs work outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business AND

c) Is customarily engaged in independently established trade, occupation or business

So…should you have Independent Contractors or Employees?

Here is my answer….

Reviewing the history of the personal training industry, pretty much all of us started as independent contractors operating our personal training businesses within existing health and fitness clubs. Slowly over the years, many of these facilities decided to bring the training department in-house and make all their trainers employees. Why would they do this?

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Competition Creates Results – Weight Loss Challenges

Our annual 6 Week Spring Makeover Challenge allows our clients to participate in a fun, friendly team competition to help them shed that extra layer that many of us put on during the cold, dark rainy days of winter. A couple of weeks ago I explained how we run our Makeover Challenge….this week I want to show you how our trainers work together (and against each other ;)) to make the Makeover Challenge a success.

Each of our trainers recruit team members and they all compete against each other to see who can ramp it up the most and achieve the best results. There’s nothing like a little peer pressure to get your staff and clients to do what they need to do to reach their goal.

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Sherri’s Tips For Leadership Success

It is the unfortunate truth that many small businesses fail and so many times before they have even had a chance to start!

Our industry is no exception. Throughout my years of consulting….I have found that a lack of leadership can be one of the main reasons that fitness businesses struggle.

Whether or not you take the time to be a strong, organized and encouraging leader can really make or break your business. Many fitness business owners tell me “but I can’t find the time to lead. There is so much to do!” This is where great systems come into play. If you have great systems in place then you will have more time to lead!  So get your systems in order and then start leading your team and start taking your business to the next level (check out the side bar on my blog or click HERE to learn how you can make our systems your systems!)

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