First Step To Marketing Success

It is around this time of year that I start thinking about our marketing strategies for the following year. Every year I build a solid marketing plan for our business.  It is like a blueprint for what we are going to market, the initiatives we will implement, the events we will host, the seminars we will put on and so much more. This marketing plan allows everyone on our team to know what is coming up and what the expectations are.

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What Is Your Fall Promotion?

Clients are getting back from summer holidays, their kids are back in school and guess what? Many are ready to get back into their fitness routine!  So that means it’s time for you to get busy!

What are you doing to entice people back or into your program?

Are you offering some type of promotion or “Fall back into Fitness” special?  If you’re not, you’re missing the boat!  Everyone and I mean everyone appreciates a deal, even your most wealthy clients. In fact, from my experience, the people who are the most wealthy are always asking for a deal.


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Cancellations Without Stress – 4 Simple Steps

Cancellation policies can be tricky, but with the correct approach they don’t have to mean lost revenue and they don’t have to mean upset clients.

The following simple steps help us avoid most of the issues that can arise when a client cancels after our predefined cancellation deadline (24hrs). This can work for you too!

Step 1: Proactive CSRs (Customer Service Representatives)

Whenever booking an appointment, always remind clients, “If, for whatever reason, you need to reschedule please give us 24 hours notice so we can schedule someone else into that time slot”. This will regularly remind them of the importance of advance notice and the value of your time and that you have a policy in place.

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Use Strength To Gain & Keep Clients

Sometimes clients need to be reminded of how important it is that strength train…. and hopefully….start/continue training with you! Try sending them this article I wrote for our local paper. Remind clients of all the reasons muscle conditioning is critical. Share with potential clients as well….

muscle-class-sherri“As we get older, we tend to lose muscle – approximately 7 pounds of lean tissue per decade with this loss accelerating after the age of 40.

As a result, our strength and endurance is reduced, our metabolism drops resulting in weight gain, our bone density is lowered, our posture and alignment deteriorates, our balance falters, and we experience an increase in general aches and pains. So it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that we do whatever we can to maintain our muscle tissue by participating in muscle conditioning exercise at least 2 to 3 days per week.

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Commitment. Results. Retention.

It is clear that the road to retaining clients is all about results! When clients are seeing results they are more likely to stick around. In order to see results….a big commitment needs to be made (by both you and your client), so (naturally)the first step is for both of you to make a commitment….and I mean a real commitment.

Check out how we do this:


Make It Official

Here at Northwest Personal Training each new client signs a Fitness & Training Commitment. This signed agreement serves as a reminder of the commitment that they have made to themselves and to provide a list of the health behaviors that we will help them to adopt over the next few weeks (and for the rest of their lives). Do you have a fitness & training commitment that your clients sign? If not, try using something like this:

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Marketing Your Events!

We always have fun events and adventures planned for our clients to sign up for. Some of them are free seminars and some are events and adventures that our clients pay for. All of these events keep our clients active, happy and engaged in our business. They also bring in new clients,  potential new clients and extra revenue! Hosting fun events and adventures is a win/win for everyone.

We encourage and remind our trainers to share these events and adventures with their clients. To make it easy for them to do that we list all of our events on our website and on our facebook page. Having the events listed on our facebook page makes it easy for the our trainers to share the events with friends and share in their status updates.

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Bring In New Clients Over The Summer!

Many fitness professionals just assume that they won’t get new clients during the summer months because clients tend to be busy with vacations, kids at home and spending time with friends and family. Don’t be one of those fit pros! Keeping your schedule full and even bringing in new clients during the summer is possible. Here are two ways that we encourage our trainers to bring in new clients over the summer!

1. Inspire a Summer to Remember Referral Incentive:

It’s a great way to earn some extra cash just by inspiring someone to take action on their health and fitness goals. For Our Personal Trainers – Whoever books a comp, gets $25 (not just schedule the comp but you actually have to ask for the appointment through a networking phone call, referral, tour etc).  Whoever does comp and client purchases, gets $25. You might as well earn an extra $$ while inspiring someone to take action! And remember, our current clients win too so be sure to ask for those referrals and let them know we reward them too!  Current Client receives a FREE Private Training session to thank them for the referral!!

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Have a Plan for 4th of July – Reschedule Them Now!

We are quickly approaching the 4th of July, which falls on a Thursday this year.

So…what will you do?  Will you be closed all day? Will you offer a specialty class?

No matter what you do make sure your clients know their options and help them reschedule their appointments….don’t let them cancel!


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Peer Reviews: Why & How

As part of our yearly marketing plan we schedule monthly staff accountability tasks. Some examples might be sending client shoppers in to see how our trainers do with an initial assessment, or a manager picks random client files to audit to make sure client files are being taken care of correctly or having trainers conduct peer reviews. Our staff is given the full marketing plan at the beginning of each year so they know which of these accountability tasks will happen each month. However, they don’t know when during that month it will happen. You have to keep them on their toes, but be fair about it too. Having an accountability task each month keeps us on our toes as a business as well. It forces us to review important processes at least once a year….if not more often than that.

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Team Meeting: Shark Tank Style

We recently had our mandatory monthly team meeting and I wanted to try something new.

Here is what I needed:

  • New ideas on how to cut costs
  • New ideas on how to increase revenue
  • Our staff to feel included and connected to the decisions we make


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Here is what I did:

  • A mini Shark Tank!
  • I asked each staff member (Personal Trainers, Customer Service Representatives….everyone) to prepare one revenue-producing idea and one cost-saving idea that they think we should incorporate at NWPT.
  • I told them that they would each present their own idea.
  • They would have 2 minutes to sell us on how their ideas will increase revenues or reduce expenses.
  • At the end, we voted for our favorite idea and the winner for the best cost saving and the best revenue generating ideas, got a $100 gift card to their favorite local restaurant/shop.

I thought this would be a fun, different and productive way to implement ideas that will help us all out! Go ahead and give this a try with your team, but remember that when voting your team should consider what will bring your fitness business the best return …..but also which ideas are actually feasible to easy to execute!

Yours in health, fitness & business,

Sherri McMillan

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