“Introducing… The Ultimate Guide to BOTH Fitness & Personal Training Revenue Success”

From: Sherri McMillan

Hi There Fellow Fitness Professionals!

I have set up this page just for our Fitness Results Manual because it truly does deserve some undivided attention.

Before I get into the details on how this Fitness Results Manual can increase your revenue and decrease your admin time I want to tell you a bit more about me and why you should keep reading this blog! I have been working in the Fitness Industry for over 18 years and have presented hundreds of workshops to thousands of fitness leaders throughout the world. I have written 5 Fitness Books and Manuals, and was recently awarded the “International Fitness Presenter of The Year Award” at the 2010 Can-Fit-Pro Convention.

I know what you are thinking….yeah…yeah…yeah, but how does that help me? Well, I am a firm believer in sharing my experiences in order to help others succeed. Not only have I done this while presenting at conferences, but I also run 2 fitness facilities in the Pacific Northwest. One of those facilities is a small 5,000 square foot facility that we generate over $1 MILLION in Personal Training per year. It is SOOO important to work with trustworthy, experienced and proven consultants! When it comes to your baby…your business…you should work with someone who has met the same obstacles that you have. I have been there and have learned from it and want to share it all with you!

Before you read any more I want you to hear what a couple of our clients have to say about Northwest Fitness Education:

Vito La Fata
Fitness Evolution “The ongoing guidance from Northwest Fitness Education has been indispensable. I’ve been attending Northwest Fitness Education lectures at IDEA for 3-4 years now and I can still remember every one of the classes I attended and the impact they had on me. I have always been blown away by their energy and commitment. Personally I’m driven by energy, passion and purpose in my life, so I naturally gravitate towards that and soak in whatever comes out of other people like that. So for me, their courses and lecture style have always been inspiring and left me fired up to go home and take up the charge. To inspire that in people is huge in a world where so many things are mediocre. It’s rare to find people who are marching ahead in life and not stepping on people to get there. But instead, are actually reaching back and giving a helping hand to pull others along. That example is something that can’t go unnoticed in my mind. It should be emulated and shouted from the rooftops. What we can all accomplish together in this world is so much greater than what we can do alone.”

We generate $1 MILLION in Personal Training per year by having great systems in place that work and by having multiple revenue streams! This is where the Fitness Results Manual comes in. The Fitness Results Manual is a 100 page resource tool that we use for so many programs and aspects of our business:

  • As a Sales Tool to capture new business.
  • To clearly explain to our prospective clients our strategy for helping them succeed.
  • To sell it to existing clients for $20-$99 as a guided or stand alone fitness coaching tool.
  • To sell it to Businesses as a tool for a Corporate Wellness program that we facilitate
  • As a training tool for a “Biggest Loser” type Weight Loss Challenge – Our Weight Loss challenges generates about $20,000 per year utilizing the Fitness Results Manual as the main resource tool.
  • As a training tool for our ongoing 10 Week Fat Loss Program

The best part? All of the documentation will be sent to you in minutes. Change our logo to yours and our name to your name and you are ready to start generating mass revenue through multiple programs using just 1 resource tool.

DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL!! We have already created the best Results Manual out there. Give yourself the time to generate money rather than spending all of your time writing your own resource tool.

Here is a list of the different sections in the Fitness Results Manual:

  • Program Expectations
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Resistance Training
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Activity & Nutrition Logs
  • Fitness University Client Quiz

Get a free demo by contacting info@nwfitnesseducation.com or Order Now by Clicking the Button Below:

ONLY $499!

Because I want to earn your trust and because I want you to have this great resource tool…I have put together a video showing you just one way we use the Fitness Results Manual to Close new Clients. Watch it now for free!

Chris Merriott – Merriott Fitness – Devon, Alberta Canada
Owner/Operator“I purchased the Fitness Results Manual and sent out the marketing information to our customers. I then did a general mailer to a 5 mile radius (app 8 minute driving distance). We signed 52 individuals up for the challenge. The exciting part of this is that 30% of the participants are new customers. We have 3 full time trainers who have been working with the 52 clients. 40% of the clients purchased the combination class pass with 1 or 2 30 minute personal training sessions per week. Average revenue for PT for the month is about $22,000.00. Revenue for the challenge came in at $32,900.00
Our total weight loss for the whole group is about 360 lbs!
Besides the excellent sales etc… We have approached 75% of the participants about staying with Merriott Fitness. Looks like the majority are going to stay. NEW CUSTOMERS!
So business is excellent and we are now looking for another trainer!
I have worked with NWPT & Fitness Education for the past 2 years. I spoke with NWPT & Fitness Education about expanding to a second location and was advised to wait until we were bursting at the seams. We are bursting. I hope to start a business plan soon for a second location.”

Alright Fitness Pros, now it is up to you! I have told you about who I am, about why I do what I do, given you examples of clients that have found success with our systems and showed you a free video on how to use a resource like the Fitness Results Manual to get new clients.

FOR ONLY $499 We will give you the printing rights to reproduce this Fitness Results Manual with your business brand on the cover and allow you to sell this manual in your business to as many people as you want and for as much as you want. (MSRP between $20 – $99)

Because you have taken the time to read about me and why I think you need this manual, I would like to offer you free unlimited accessto my “Make or Break the first session with a Prospective client” eVideo if you purchase these systems before midnighttoday! It’s a great tool to watch over and over again with your team to learn how to conduct a first session to ensure you close 100% of all new clients. It’s an invaluable resource and training tool for your trainers.


Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

ONLY $499!

Finally… Make or Break 1st Session With a Prospective Client – Simple Video Showing You How to Close 100% of New Clients – 1st session with a new client from A to Z.

From: Sherri McMillan