Highlight Current Clients – Inspire New Clients

2020 has been a tough year for many fitness businesses, but many of us are finding ways to continue to help our clients stay healthy and strong. Here at Northwest Personal Training we wanted to highlight our clients who have remained engaged and motivated over the last year. We also need to encourage more clients to do the same. So….we decided to highlight our amazing clients AND encourage new clients to join us all in one marketing campaign!

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Here is what we have done:

Asked our staff to send their current and motivated clients 3 questions:

How many years have you been #NWPTSTRONG?

How do you #NWPTSTRONG?

How have you become #NPWTSTRONG?

Take the client responses and put together client profiles for each response.

Canva is an app that we use to use for creating great looking digital and print fliers etc.

Post the client profiles on social media.

Include a statement about your client’s accomplishments and your appreciation of their business. Then, add a call to action for others to work with you!

Here is an example:

Your workouts will help you beyond what you can imagine! Read Kristy’s story and find some inspiration to change your habits to start feeling more energized, healthier, and the best version of YOU!

Kristy, we are blown away at your determination. You are getting stronger and stronger with every workout! You might not know this but YOU bring so much joy to the people you are around, we love your positive, supportive spirit! #NWPTSTRONG



This is a simple, yet effective way to highlight your clients and motivate others to work with you. Our goal is to post as many client profiles on social media as we can during September and October.

Even though this is a strange year….this is still a critical time for fitness businesses to bring in new clients. Remember, once Halloween hits, your clients will be busy with the holiday season. Be top of mind RIGHT NOW so that your clients are in a routine they can stick with BEFORE the holiday season gets here!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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