Clients Running More Now? Give Them This Program!

We are experiencing a global pandemic and with our fitness clubs closed and most of our clients are confined to their homes with very little options for exercise. Many of our clients are not easily detoured from their commitment to their workouts and are recognizing that they still need to do something physical to maintain their physical fitness, stress release, mental health and maintain the strength of their immune system. Hopefully many of your clients have have opted for virtual indoor workouts with you and your staff, while others have probably taken to running outdoors.

We are positioned to experience a massive running boom that would rival the 1970’s Forest Gump surge that had everyone sporting their sneakers and pounding the pavement. Spring is here, summer is on the way and running is a wonderful way to get some fresh air, vitamin D and relieve some stress.

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Most runners can attest to the benefits of running. Running has been proven to be one of the most effective methods for improving your cardiovascular system, reducing body fat and maintaining a toned, lean physique. Not only that, it’ll can also help improve self-esteem and confidence and decrease risk of experiencing health disorders or disease. Running is an incredible form of exercise but it can also cause its share of problems. 

If you have clients who have decided to launch their running career, it is likely that they will experience a case of the “Terrible Toos.” Too much, too soon, too hard, too fast, too long. Remind your clients that:

With each running stride, their body is forced to absorb impact forces as great as 3x their body weight. So, if they weigh 150 pounds, they should imagine 450 pounds of force pounding through their muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons with each foot strike.

Clients need to know that proper and gradual progression is critical if they expect to continue running on a long-term basis.

If you have clients who are not currently running three times per week and cannot comfortably complete a run without stopping, here is a Learn to Run program you can share with them to get them started.

Learn to Run Program

Week 1 (Run 1 min. Walk 4 min) x6
Week 2 (Run 2 min. Walk 3 min) x6
Week 3 (Run 3 min. Walk 2 min) x6
Week 4 (Run 4 min. Walk 1 min) x6
Week 5 (Run 5 min. Walk 1 min) x5
Week 6 (Run 6 min. Walk 1 min) x5
Week 7 (Run 7 min. Walk 1 min) x5
Week 8 (Run 8 min. Walk 1 min) x5
Week 9 (Run 9 min. Walk 1 min) x5
Week 10 (Run 10 min. Walk 1 min) x5


*Follow each week’s program 3x/week on alternating days.

*Remember to warm-up and cool down for about 5-10 minutes of walking.

*Remember to keep your distance from other runners during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As your clients increase their mileage, encourage them to try the Galloway approach which recommends running 10 minutes and then walking for a minute for the entire distance. Your clients should listen to their bodies. Tell clients that they can complete this program by walking only and just vary their pace between a harder and more moderate pace– they never have to run! It’s up to them!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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