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Cancellations Without Stress – 4 Simple Steps

August 27, 2019

Cancellation policies can be tricky, but with the correct approach they don’t have to mean lost revenue and they don’t have to mean upset clients.

The following simple steps help us avoid most of the issues that can arise when a client cancels after our predefined cancellation deadline (24hrs). This can work for you too!

Step 1: Proactive CSRs (Customer Service Representatives)

Whenever booking an appointment, always remind clients, “If, for whatever reason, you need to reschedule please give us 24 hours notice so we can schedule someone else into that time slot”. This will regularly remind them of the importance of advance notice and the value of your time and that you have a policy in place.

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Use Strength To Gain & Keep Clients

August 22, 2019
Sometimes clients need to be reminded of how important it is that strength train…. and hopefully….start/continue training with you! Try sending them this article I wrote for our local paper. Remind clients of all the reasons muscle conditioning is critical. Share with potential clients as well….

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Commitment. Results. Retention.

August 15, 2019

It is clear that the road to retaining clients is all about results! When clients are seeing results they are more likely to stick around. In order to see results….a big commitment needs to be made (by both you and your client), so (naturally)the first step is for both of you to make a commitment….and I mean a real commitment.

Check out how we do this:


Make It Official

Here at Northwest Personal Training each new client signs a Fitness & Training Commitment. This signed agreement serves as a reminder of the commitment that they have made to themselves and to provide a list of the health behaviors that we will help them to adopt over the next few weeks (and for the rest of their lives). Do you have a fitness & training commitment that your clients sign? If not, try using something like this:

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Marketing Your Events!

August 1, 2019
We always have fun events and adventures planned for our clients to sign up for. Some of them are free seminars and some are events and adventures that our clients pay for. All of these events keep our clients active, happy and engaged in our business. They also bring in new clients,  potential new clients and extra revenue! Hosting fun events and adventures is a win/win for everyone.

We encourage and remind our trainers to share these events and adventures with their clients. To make it easy for them to do that we list all of our events on our website and on our facebook page. Having the events listed on our facebook page makes it easy for the our trainers to share the events with friends and share in their status updates.

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