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Fill Your Schedule – Encourage Monthly Clients

April 25, 2019

Clients that come see you for 1 on 1 personal training a couple times a week are the best kinds to get, but not all clients (or potential clients) can, want or need to see you that often. It is a good idea to try to fill the open time slots in your/your staff’s schedule by encouraging clients to see a personal trainer once a month for program updates. How do you encourage that type of client to sign up with you? Send them some of the information below. What better way to encourage folks to come see you than by educating them on why it is so important?

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Paid Time Off For Personal Trainers

April 18, 2019

Last week we discussed the importance of planning ahead when it comes to time off for your personal trainers. Here at Northwest Personal Training we offer paid time off. That is a major perk that not all personal trainers have. There is a reason for that. Paying a personal trainer when he/she isn’t bringing in money for your business can be tough on your bottom line. So how do we do it?

Our Paid Time Off Benefit:

Northwest Personal Training supports a balance between an employee’s personal and work life.  Therefore, we believe that employees should enjoy time away from work for relaxation and enjoyment, in addition to time off for illness, appointments, emergencies or other needs without loss of pay.

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Trainers On Vacation? Keep Clients Happy

April 9, 2019

We recently reminded our trainers to send in their vacation requests. We typically ask for this information at the beginning of the year, but we understand that things come up. As we approach summer….we are starting to get more requests for time off. We would like to have all vacation requests well in advance. This is to ensure that we don’t have too many trainers gone at the same time and so that we can prepare for the absence of trainers. Our general rule is to not allow more than 2 trainers to be absent at the same time. This will differ depending on how many clients you have and how many trainers you have.


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4 Tips For A Successful Weight Loss Challenage

April 3, 2019
Our annual Spring Makeover Challenge (weight loss challenge) is approaching quickly. All of our personal trainers recruit members for their team. The trainer’s teams compete against each other to see who can lose the most weight during the challenge.

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