Our Approach? Results.

Some Sad Facts About Gym Goers:

  • Only 20% of people who are members of a typical gym actually use their membership.
  • Most large fitness clubs operate on a pure volume model and have 8000+ members.

Because only twenty percent of their members actually use the facility, they can keep their rates lower because they actually don’t have to service all those people.

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Don’t be that facility! Your clients will get MORE and your business will get MORE if you persistently remind your clients to keep coming back. Oh and give them lots of good reasons to keep coming back!

Our members at Northwest Personal Training actually use their group fitness memberships and achieve great results. When their attendance slows, we immediately contact them to get them back into the facility. We have chosen a route that focuses less on volume and instead focuses on actually helping people use their membership and achieve great results.  And because of this, our members rave and tell everyone they know about us. Our number one source of new clients and members is word of mouth referrals!

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So, call and email the clients you haven’t seen in awhile. They will appreciate the accountability and you will have more clients walking through your doors!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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