Successful Program Design Based on Motivation

The reality that is you could have one client scenario and twenty different trainers would come up with twenty different workout programs. There are so many variables to manipulate that the chances of two trainers designing the same program is next to impossible. So which program is right? Many different types of programs can lead to the same result. As a trainer, you need to have a solid rationale behind why you designed the program that you did.

First, as a personal trainer, you have to understand it’s not just about exercise conditioning and program design. You can design the best program in the world but if you haven’t figured out how to help your client stay motivated to follow the program, it’ll do them no good.  So, as a Personal Trainer, you have to become a student of Lifestyle Coaching, Exercise Adherence and Motivation. Learn as much as you can about these topics.  It’ll really help you become an exceptional personal trainer.

We have developed an in-depth process at NWPT to help our clients maintain their motivation.  Here are the highlights:

Program design that is based on keeping your client motivated is the program design that will work best….every time. So, take the time to dig deep with your client to truly understand his or her motivation!

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