Happy Birthday to YOU

free-birthday-mealsWe are always trying to find ways to show our clients how much we love and appreciate them and we are also always trying to find ways to get clients back in to train with us if we haven’t seen them in awhile. You can accomplish both of these things by doing one very simple thing! Send your clients (active & inactive) a Happy Birthday wish via email!

We use Mindbody Online and are able to set up the following email to automatically go out to our clients about 3 weeks before their birthday. Here is the email that is automatically sent:

“Happy Birthday from Northwest Personal Training – Vancouver!

Did you know that on your Birthday, Disney lets you attend any of their parks for free? It’s like on your Birthday, you get a free drink at the local bar or a free desert at your favorite restaurant. Well, we’ve got the best Birthday offer ever!

Workout with us on your Birthday and you get a 30 minute session FREE!

So give us a call right now and let us be part of your very special day. Plus if you do this, we’re giving you the permission to enjoy a guilt-free piece of Birthday cake – just don’t go overboard! 😉

Thank you for letting us take care of your health and fitness goals and helping to ensure you get stronger, healthier and younger looking every year!”


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You can see that for both active and inactive clients how this would be a great deal! Everyone is happy when they receive a notice like this. This also helps you! It is an automatic way to keep in touch with inactive clients at least once a year (you/your trainers should be reaching out to them more than once a year though :)). The hope is that it will inspire someone to get a little extra exercise on their birthday, treat clients to a free 30 min session and maybe spark an inactive client to start coming back to work with you on a regular bases.

This is a win/win for everyone….go ahead take the time to set it up. You won’t be sorry!

Yours in Health, Fitness & Business,
Sherri McMillan

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