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Give Clients Race Recovery Info!

June 24, 2015

9e1cMzuEMTwNIOY9e4MLjXMYLZe5gditzRmHjkqbuUsThere are a LOT of running, biking and triathlon races happening around the country this time of year so I thought this would be a good time to discuss race recovery and what to suggest for quick recovery after a challenging physical endeavor!

Share these ideas with your racing clients….their stiff and sore muscles will thank you!


The best way to treat extreme muscle soreness is to prevent it in the first place. So if you are super stiff, you may not have put in enough training to manage the effort effectively. Next event, consult with a coach to assure your training protocol sufficiently prepares you for the race.

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Keep Kids & Clients Active This Summer!

June 19, 2015

sherri kids bikeOut of school does not need to mean out of shape! It’s typical at this time of year for our clients to struggle with trying to exercise with the kids home from school or trying to stick to a workout routine while at the summer cottage, the beach or out of town for summer holidays.

If your clients are like mine…some of them decide to take a two month sabbatical and get back on track in the fall because they can’t seem to find the time to get to a gym. Don’t let that happen to your clients! Get their kids involved and teach them to love an active and healthy lifestyle! The key is to make it fun for the kids! Bonus – it will keep your clients active and thinking about sticking to their sessions with you as well!

Share these tips with your clients!

Here’s some tips for an active summer for the whole family when the kids are home from school:


Invite Friends

I learned a long time ago that if I want my kids to enjoy and not whine and complain during an active outing, I needed to make sure they brought a friend. It was a night and day difference to how the day went. Read more on Keep Kids & Clients Active This Summer!…

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Don’t Let Clients Get Old and Slow!

June 10, 2015

sprint drill bYou can help your clients stay fast as they age! As trainers we know that as we age we lose about 7 pounds of muscle each decade and this loss is predominantly a loss in the number and size of fast twitch muscle fibers. These muscle fibers are the ones responsible for allowing an individual to move quickly, and to maintain agility, reaction time, strength and power.  We also know that as these fibers atrophy, clients often times find themselves moving slowly.  However, the good news is that this loss can be slowed down and in some cases, prevented by helping your clients train their fast twitch muscles. The rule is “If you don’t use it, you lose it”.  So it’s important to help your clients do whatever they can to keep those muscle fibers working so they don’t perceive that they are no longer needed. Here are some ideas that you can use when training clients that are trying to maintain their agility and mobility as they age. As clients to try to perform at least one agility drill 2-3x each week.

Lateral Agility Drill

Position 2 cones, chairs or props a few feet apart.  Now quickly step laterally to the outside of one cone and back to the outside of the other touching down towards the floor or cone on each end.  Try to go as fast as you possibly can.  Continue for 30 seconds. Recover and complete 3-5x.

“Sprint Drills”

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Exercising In The Heat – Warn Your Clients!

June 5, 2015

20140720_0265-2The temperatures are going to be very high across the country over the next few days. As you know….many of our clients aren’t used to this kind of heat and it can cause some serious health concerns especially when we are talking about exercising in the heat. This blog post will give you some important tips and information that you can pass on to your clients this summer!

Heat illness can occur in exercisers whose body heat exceeds its ability to cool down.  

Heat exhaustion is a form of heat illness that is characterized by the inability to continue exercise, headache, fatigue, chills, nausea and confusion. It can be treated by stopping exercise, getting out of the heat and, if a person is coherent and not vomiting, by drinking rehydrating fluids. Intravenous administration of a dextrose or saline solution is often used in Ironman races and other ultra-distance events and can help facilitate recovery. Some athletes suffering from heat exhaustion have been known to require up to 4 liters of intravenous fluid!


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Heat stroke, a more serious form of heat illness requiring medical attention, is characterized by confusion, central nervous system dysfunction and a body temperature over 104 degrees. 

It is treated aggressively by immersing the victim in cold water or by applying ice packs over the neck, armpits and groin region. It’s important if you or a friend are experiencing any of these symptoms that emergency medical services are called.

Far better than treating heat illness is to avoid it altogether.  Here’s some tipsto keep you healthy and fit in the heat:

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