Going Outside? Do This!

PushUps1_t600It is that time of year when many personal trainers and group exercise instructors start taking their clients outside for workouts. Clients love getting the fresh air and trainers can keep things interesting with TONS of new exercises and adventures in the great outdoors. We have a couple protocols when it comes to bringing clients away from the studio for workouts and I recent sent them this email as a reminder:

“Great weather has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and many of you want to take your clients outside for workouts. I love that!





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This is a great opportunity to remind you all that when leaving the studio with clients, one-on-one, teams, partner training or group, you  need to have/do the following:

  • Carry First Aid pack & cell phone. If a client gets hurt we need to be able to contact the studio and or 911 as quickly as possible. Or if there is an emergency we need to be able to contact the client.
  • Let the front desk know where you will be going. As you all know, it is often times a challenge for clients to find time to get their workouts in so if they have taken the time to get their booties to the studio (even if they are late) they had better get a workout in!

Remember – these are both very important proceedures to follow. We want to keep our clients safe and happy!

…..so lets all please work together and communicate! We are a team and great teams communicate.”

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan


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