Revenue with Running Programs Part 10 – Foam Rolling

If your clients are like mine….more and more of them are signing up for running events. This trend is not only wonderful for your clients’ and their health….it can also be an easy way for you to earn extra revenue with a running program! Check out how we operate our running program, set up your own and then use the info in this series to send to your clients to inspire them to join your running program!

Today we will focus the foam rolling techniques you can recommend to your clients that are runners.

Now send your clients this info and then ask them to join you for YOUR running program!

Over the last two months, I’ve focused this column on running programs. Well, the running community is probably a little stiff right now so many half marathons, marathons and 10ks happening all across the country!  So you probably have a number of people feeling a little tight and walking a little funny. So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to discuss the merits of Self-Myofascial Release using Foam Rollers – a perfect way to help release tight areas for runners and athletes of all kinds!  I’m a firm believer in the importance of body work such as massage as well as daily foam rolling if you are extremely active. It’s the support your body needs to be able to continue doing what you want for years and years! You can purchase a foam roller at most fitness equipment retailers as well as many department stores.

General Guidelines for Self-Myofascial Release:

  • Perform the specific techniques as described below.
  • Once you roll over a tight area, you can use one of two techniques:
    1. Pressure Point – Stop rolling and rest on tight area for 20-30 seconds while breathing slow and deep. Hold to the point of tolerance.  It may feel uncomfortable – like a really deep massage – but you should not experience any sharp pain. Once completed, roll to the next tight area.
    2. Kneading – When you find a tight area, roll back and forth over that area, kneading the tissue until the tension releases or subsides. Remember to breath slow and deep.
  • Complete a specific technique for about 1-2 minutes each side and avoid bouncing.
  • Maintain proper posture and contract your abdominals to help stabilize your low back while rolling.
  • These techniques can be done 1-2 times daily and can be done before or after a workout.

Here are my favorite Myofascial  Release Techniques:

IT Band

stretch foam roller itb 1Lie on the right side supported by the right elbow and maintain head in neutral and ears aligned with shoulders.  Place roller under right thigh and place left leg over and in front of the right leg.  Roll just below hip joint down to the lateral thigh to the knee.






stretch foam roller hipsPiriformis/Glutes

Sit on full roller and cross right ankle over left knee.  Roll on the right hip area while pulling the right knee towards the opposite shoulder to increase the stretch.  To massage the glutes, sit on the roller with feet and hands in front of roller.  Push roller backwards with buttocks.









stretch foam roller quads 2Lie on your belly with the foam roller above knees and elbows bent with forearms touching the floor.  Pull abdominals in and tighten glutes to help prevent the back from sagging.  Roll from pelvic bone to the knee emphasizing the front and lateral thigh.



You can also use a hard ball like a Lacrosse ball to focus in on smaller areas like your calves or to get deep into your hips or a golf ball to roll and release your feet.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan 


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