Help Clients With Triathlon Training – Generate Revenue – Part 4


The sport of Triathlon is on the rise with three times as many races popping up across the country. The greatest increases in participation are seen in the 30+ age group as this demographic is looking for a personal challenge and a way to stay in great shape. The swim, bike, run event is cross-training at its best and offers a healthy, active and fun culture and community. Have you suggested triathlons to your clients? How about running a triathlon training group? Send this information and the information in this series to your clients to see if there is interest and then decide how you can both help your clients reach their goals with triathlon training and help yourself generate some extra revenue!

When someone decides to complete a triathlon, they are often overwhelmed with where to start and how to balance three separate events. This series will provide your clients with everything they need to know to get to the finish line of a Triathlon and get in great shape through the process.

Over the last 3 weeks, we’ve reviewed all the ins and outs of the sport of Triathlon and provided specific swimming and biking tips. Now that we’ve got that behind us hopefully you have inspired your clients and they believe they can get to the finish line of a Triathlon THIS summer.

Today we are going to tackle the third leg of a triathlon, the run. Although most people are most fearful of the swimming leg, I hear many people say “I could never do a Triathlon because I don’t or can’t run”.  I hope to change those mindsets today!

Let’s first chat about your equipment needs for the running portion.

  • Running Shoes – This is your most important investment in this segment of the Triathlon.  If you consider thatyour body has to absorb the forces of 5x your body weight with each stride, the importance of a good shoe that allows you to run efficiently and minimize your risk of injury is critical.  I would suggest spending some time with a good local footwear retailer like or  who can analyze your foot and running stride and suggest a shoe that would work for your body. Again, considering that the foundation of your running stride is your foot and ankle, you may want to consider seeing a Foot and Ankle specialist like to help.  I made an appointment and was very impressed with their service and it has made a difference to my running. (include your local footwear retailer and foot and ankle specialist and their websites…)
  • Other than a good running shoe, you’ll obviously need some running shorts or tights and perhaps athletic glasses and/or a cap to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Run Training Tips:

  • First, as I mentioned above, develop a relationship with a good running shoe store and foot/ankle specialist.
  • Secondly, realize that there is no rule that you must RUN this leg.  It is perfectly acceptable to walk or run/walk in a Triathlon so listen to your body and just because you aren’t able to run doesn’t mean you can’t do a Triathlon!
  • Run 2-3x/week – Start by gradually increasing your distance until you can comfortably run the distance you are training for.  Once you have mastered the distance, then you can start to incorporate speed intervals and/or hill training to work on your strength and performance. For someone running three days per week, I typically like to see one longer endurance run/walk at an easier pace, one moderate distance and intensity run/walk and one shorter and harder run/walk.
  • Understand the terrain of your event – If it is a hilly route, be sure to train the hills so you are mentally and physically prepared for the inclines.
  • Consider joining a running club to add variety and good solid instruction to your training.
  • Implement a “brick workout” once every 1-2 weeks where you run right after your ride. Transitioning from your bike to your run is difficult and can make your legs feel like ‘bricks’ so it’s important to train this so you are prepared during the triathlon.
  • If you are not consistently running right now, follow a gradually progressive Learn to Run program.  Start with about 1 minute of running and 4 minutes of walking and then each week, add 1 minute to your running time and subtract from your walking time.  Do this a few times per week until you can do the distance.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan


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