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When Clients See Results So Does Your Bottom Line!

September 25, 2013

I recently sent out an email to our staff reminding them of the importance of making sure clients see and feel the results of all their hard work.

Here is the email:

“We have a business goal of 80% full schedule (read this past blog post to learn more about this Get Trainers To Help With Marketing)

Q: How do you achieve that?

A: You keep the clients you get and you get referrals from those clients who are happy with your services!

Q: So how do you keep clients and get referrals?

A: You’ve got to earn it!

That means you’ve got to get clients results! Clients won’t stay with you if they aren’t achieving goals and they definitely won’t tell their friends and family about you if they aren’t getting results. Read more on When Clients See Results So Does Your Bottom Line!…

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Help Clients With Post Breast Cancer Rehab

September 19, 2013

breast-cancer-ribbonAnyone who has ever been diagnosed with Breast Cancer realizes that the cancer experience does not end the day that treatment ends. People want to get back to their normal lives and put cancer behind them but at that same time, they’re dealing with all kinds of post-Cancer Treatment effects that affect them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Be the personal trainer that helps them get back to their normal lives!

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Help Clients Prevent ACL Injuries

September 12, 2013



We are heavy into football, soccer and basketball seasons and the ski season will be here in no time.  All athletes – young and old – are susceptible to suffering a debilitating Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury.  I thought this would be a good time to discuss the exercises your client athletes can do to minimize their risk for this injury.


The American Physical Therapy Association urges athletes to adopt the following program (exercises listed below) that includes specialized stretching, strengthening, agility and jumping exercises to help lower the risk of ACL injuries.

One study conducted on 1,435 NCAA Division 1 female soccer athletes found the exercises listed below had an overall ACL injury rate 41 percent lower than the control group.  That is impressive results!  So if you have a client athlete, read this article out and have them perform these exercises before each practice or game.  You may save them weeks of pain, surgery and rehabilitation….and ensure they are well enough to continue to see you….their personal trainer! Read more on Help Clients Prevent ACL Injuries…

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Tell Clients WHY Missing a Workout is Bad!

September 6, 2013

BHill01-R2-051-24As fitness professionals we know that when our clients miss even just one workout that it is much more than just missing one workout.

Here is how we explain to our clients why NOT missing workouts is so important!


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