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Get More Clients – Build Simple Health Professional Alliances!

July 31, 2013

Get more clients by building strategic health professional alliances!

Having health professionals support you and your services will not only…..

…….help you to generate more business, it also will give a more professional and credible image to your existing and potential clients.

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Why Should I Hire YOU?

July 24, 2013

trainer client sittingAs personal trainers and fitness business owners/managers it is important to be able to answer the question most potential clients will ask:

Why should I hire YOU?

The first step is being able to easily explain how hiring a personal trainer can help your potential new client reach his/her goals:

  • You will provide efficiency and effectiveness so they are not wasting any time in the gym and achieving the results they desire.
  • You will design a safe program to minimize injury.
  • You will provide inspiration and accountability.
  • You will regularly introduce variety and constant progression.
  • Your programs will be fun and interesting.
  • You will help to develop self-worth and confidence in your clients.
  • You will regularly teach them new and interesting exercises using various exercise tools.
  • You will educate them
  • You will foster a social environment.

These are all important benefits that you will want to be able to eloquently discuss with clients however, even more importantly is being able to speak the language of the client.  Read more on Why Should I Hire YOU?…

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Internal Marketing – Keep It Up!

July 19, 2013

As fitness business managers and owners we know that having solid internal marketing strategies in place (including a solid referral program) are some of the best ways to keep our current clients engaged, coming back for more and sending their friends and family our way.

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Make Corporate Wellness Work!

July 11, 2013

I recently received a question from one of our PT Profits Mastermind Members about how to make corporate wellness programs work and I wanted to share the answer and some info with you! (want to try out our mastermind group? You can for FREE for 1 month! No commitment necessary…just email with your phone number and your request to join the August free trial group!)

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Ways to Avoid The Summer Client Drought

July 5, 2013

As fitness professionals we all need ways to avoid the summer client drought.

Here is a recent email that I sent out to me team reminding them of some of the things they can do to keep clients coming in during the summer!

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