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Reschedule Them – Don’t Cancel Them This 4th of July!

June 27, 2013


We are quickly approaching the 4th of July, which falls on a Thursday this year.

So…what will you do?  Will you be closed all day? Will you offer a specialty class?

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Get Trainers To Help With Marketing

June 21, 2013

Most fitness businesses take on a good portion of the marketing responsibilities and the personal trainers spend the majority of their time focusing on their clients, but if you set your trainers up for success they can help with quite a bit of your marketing efforts as well as spend most of their time with clients….

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Start Improving Body Image

June 12, 2013

As we get closer and closer to the summer months, more and more of our clients want to start improving their body image.  Shorts, skirts and tank tops leave little option for covering any ‘flaws’ and many begin setting goals for how they’d like to change their body. Please read this blog if you want to start helping yourself and your clients achieve a healthy body image.

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Generate Extra Revenue This Summer!

June 6, 2013

As fitness business owners and managers we are all looking for ways to generate extra revenue this summer and I wanted to share just one of the creative ways we encourage clients to work with us over the summer!

Everyone wins with this summer revenue generating idea:



It is simple.  Students are out of school. Parents are trying to find ways to keep them active and entertained during the summer.  Parents also often times find themselves with less time to get their workouts in during the summer because they are running around trying to keep up with their kids.

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