Don’t Let This Happen at Your Studio!

FRM Video2Make sure to read this blog because I don’t want this to happen at your studio!

Here is what I saw at our studio the other day and the email I sent to our team to ensure that it doesn’t happen again!

“Hey Team,

I was at the front desk the other day and witnessed a trainer to Customer Service Representative (CSR) tag-off of a new client after an initial complimentary session (this is the critical point when the new client has made a verbal commitment and the trainer should guide the CSR on how exactly they have discussed the new client will be working with us!).

It was painful to watch! The conversation went something like this….

Trainer to CSR:  “Hey can you get client scheduled for their next appointment?  Thanks.” 

Trainer to new client:  “It was really great meeting you!  I have to run to my next client who is waiting for me but I look forward to seeing you again.”

CSR to new client:  “Ok, let me see what I’ve got available…” Then the CSR proceeds to ask questions such as “When do you want to train?”, “How often?” “How long do you want your appointments to be?”  “How many sessions do you want to buy?” etc…

And the clients responses“I’m not sure??” “Maybe this…or maybe that…I was thinking this…What do you suggest??”

Ugh!  Not good!

Remember the transition to CSR is absolutely critical!  You could ruin an amazing first session by not finishing correctly…Remember that as the trainer, you just spent an hour with them…you are the best person to direct exactly what should be purchased/scheduled.

Here is protocol for finishing an initial session with a new client…

Decision is Made/Finishing Touches:

Walk client to front desk and inform CSR of purchases to be made and action steps that need to be taken. An effective tag-off to a CSR is critical – inform CSR of package and any other products/services the client will buy, let CSR know how often/when/how long the client will train (group included).  The easiest way to do this is to write it all down and hand it to the CSR so nothing is missed or forgotten.

Example tag-off to a CSR:

Excellent decision, I’m going to have one of our CSRs finalize all details and get you all scheduled for your initial appointments”  “____, this is _____, she has made an excellent decision to get started with us and will start with our Vitality Program.  We are going to get started with 2-30 minute private training sessions per week ideally on Mondays and Wednesdays and then she is going to do Tuesdays and Thursdays noon cycle and yoga classes…She is also is needing a Heart Rate Monitor and foam roller.  Can you take great care of her please…” 

CSR to complete the following:

  • Training appointments Scheduled –Provide appointment card.  Discuss cancellation policy and provide client with Cancellation letter that explains it fully.
  • 6 Week Fitness Results Manual Given for Homework/Reading – Remind them to start with Week One homework and to bring to their first training session.
  • Payment –  “How did you want to take care of your payment– credit card, check or cash?”
  • Group Training/Membership Agreement Explained and Signed by CSR if applicable
  • Group Membership Card if applicable
  • Gift Certificates and/or Gift Cards given (to be given to referrals)

Following this protocol, will show new clients that we are organized, professional and make it a lot less confusing for our new clients…and they will be more likely to stick to the verbal commitment to their health and fitness that you have worked so hard to get them to make!”

So Fit Pros….make sure that you and your team have this critical step in place so that all of your marketing, sales and customer service work doesn’t go to waste!

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