Complimentary PT Session: Close The Sale

Over the last month I have blogged about the importance of building relationships with potential new clients in order to get their commitment, the importance of focusing on booking complimentary sessions and how to get those complimentary sessions booked over the phone.  You have the info you need…right?  You are close!  Now you just need to know how to conduct that complimentary first session so that you can get a 80% or higher closing ratio like we do here at Northwest Personal Training.

Let’s imagine you’re on the market for a hot, new vehicle – a convertible sports car.  Would you make the investment without a test-drive?  No way.  You’ve got to get a feel for it.  How does it ride?  Does it handle the corners well?  How fast does it go from 0 to 60?  Does it satisfy all your needs?  Do you look good in it?  These are all important questions that need to be answered before you start dishing out the cash!

Why would personal training or a fitness membership be any different?  Most people in the market for personal training are confused about what personal training is all about.  Many people may think that in order to work with you they have to see a trainer 3x/week.  They may not understand your group training or fitness club membership options.  Most people just aren’t aware of all the personal training options and may honestly believe that personal training is only for the rich and famous.  Offering a complimentary Personal Training session to all new or potential clients, allows you the opportunity to service new clients and also gives you the opportunity to educate a potential client and a trainer to “strut their stuff”.  If you thoroughly impress potential clients, these sessions can open up long-term relationships.

Here are some tips for conducting your complimentary sessions:

  • Always be prepared – here are the forms we always have ready to go
    • Client Information Questionnaire (that was pre-filled out)
    • Our Client Resource Folder
    • This demonstrates to the client that you have spent some time preparing for this initial session.  Our CSRs prepare a generic folder.  And our trainers are to individually include bio, business card and 3 educational articles.
    • Trainer’s Folder with Client Info:  This  is the file folder where a trainer will keep all pertinent information on a particular client.  Before the first session, a trainer will need to have one of these folders. You can have already filled out the client’s goals etc. in this folder to look even more prepared.
  • Have a structured plan (down to the minute) on how the session will go.  For example, first 0-5 min for greeting and tour.  Minutes 5-12 give client resource folder and discuss client information questionnaire, 10 min for initial fitness assessment, last 10 min for closing the sale etc.
  • Know how you will end the session and how the client will sign up with you – will a Customer Service Rep sign them up or will you?  Make sure this process is quick and seamless!


Watch this video for more tips and tricks on how to conduct a 1st Session with a Prospective New Client:


YouTube Preview Image

I go into detail on:

  • the structured schedule we use for our complimentary session
  • give scripts for closing the sale
  • how we conduct a fitness assessment that both helps the client and leads to getting their commitment
  • how we ask for the sale and our process for signing up new clients ….

in the Business of Personal Training System.  If you are opening or if you own a personal training business the Business of Personal Training System will not only walk you through rock solid sales processes, it will also show you how to work smarter and how to make HUGE profits.

Interest free payment plans available….email for more info or fill out our FREE online assessment and we will set up a time to review your goals with you over the phone and see how we can help!

The Business of Personal Training System not in your budget right now or you are looking specifically for a product that will get your complimentary sessions closing clients like crazy?  You can still get an automatic 20% off of my Make or Break Your First Session With a Prospective Client” eVideo, but
It comes with all of the documents you need and a 2 hour streaming video where I walk you through EXACTLY how we conduct our complimentary sessions that close 80% or more new business…no matter the trainer giving the session.


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