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Complimentary PT Session: Close The Sale

January 30, 2013

Over the last month I have blogged about the importance of building relationships with potential new clients in order to get their commitment, the importance of focusing on booking complimentary sessions and how to get those complimentary sessions booked over the phone.  You have the info you need…right?  You are close!  Now you just need to know how to conduct that complimentary first session so that you can get a 80% or higher closing ratio like we do here at Northwest Personal Training.

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Booking First Session Over the Phone

January 23, 2013


So we have talked about why building a relationship with a potential new client is the best way to get a client to sign up for your services and great ways to market for more comp sessions, but we need to take a step back!  The first step to having a successful comp session is having a successful first conversation with the potential new client and many times this happens over the phone.

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One New Client Is Worth A LOT!

January 16, 2013

I have challenged each of our team members to book at least 1 comp session in the next week.  That may not seem like a lot, but think of it this way….that is 10 scheduled comps for one week.  We normally have at least 80% of those comp sessions result in a $1000 package – that’s $8,000 in one week.  And in addition, most of those clients will continue training with us for recurring revenues.

Plus each of those new clients will tell their friends about you and your outreach into the community will be awesome!

So how do you get comps booked?  Here are some suggestions that I sent to our team:

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Closing the Sale – It’s Not What You Think

January 10, 2013

Hopefully you have done some exciting and creative marketing this month and lots of new prospective clients are walking through your doors.

Are you and your staff ready for them?

During this busy time of year it is so important that you feel comfortable and confident with your sales process.  The clients that you sign up this month can play a huge factor in your overall yearly sales.

So the question is…how do you close the sale?

Well, lets focus on the first step: developing a relationship . Closing the Sale is not at all about “Closing the Sale”.  If you enter communications with a potential client with this as your primary goal, you will not “close the sale” or will shortly lose the client.  Selling any product or service is all about opening or developing a relationship!  Read more on Closing the Sale – It’s Not What You Think…

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Personal Training is Affordable!

January 4, 2013

Happy New Year Fit Pros and welcome to our busiest time of year.  If you have planned and executed your advertising correctly…you should be seeing TONS of potential new clients walk through your doors.  When you sit down to discuss how these potential new clients will work with you it is likely that you will hear this objection: “I would love to hire a personal trainer, but I can’t afford one.” While it’s true that some of our clients have the resources and disposable income to afford the luxury of seeing a personal trainer a number of times per week, most people aren’t in that same position.  Here are a few options we offer so that people CAN afford a personal trainer.

  • Team Training for only $25 per hour – You are sharing the cost of a trainer with a few other people.  Many of our clients can afford to do this once
    or more times per week.
  • Partner training – You share the cost of training with a friend, spouse, or co-worker making training more affordable for both of you.
  • Group Training classes – You can train as much as 6x/week with a trainer for as little as $5/hour. Classes include such incredible workouts as indoor cycling, indoor rowing, bootcamps, yoga, pilates, core conditioning, kick boxing and more.
  • 30 minute workouts – If an hour session is out of your budget, just do 30 minutes.  Trust us, we can give you an extremely effective workout in 30 minutes!
  • Oversee program – You can see us as little as once every 4-8 weeks just to make updates to a program that you follow on your own.  We have many clients that are members at other gyms and just come and see us for their training and to ensure they are progressing appropriately.
  • Specialty programs – We often host various programs that are designed to be cost effective ways for people to workout with us.

Put a list together of your Read more on Personal Training is Affordable!…

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