Foundation For Fitness Marketing Success: Know Yourself!

I hope that you enjoyed last month’s video series on leadership!
Many of you told me how much you liked the video clips last month so I decided to do the same for you this month and focus on helping you create a foundation for marketing success.

It is around this time of year that I start thinking about our marketing strategies for the following year.  Every year I build a solid marketing plan for our business.  It is like a blueprint for what we are going to market, the initiatives we will implement, the events we will host, the seminars we will put on and so much more.  This marketing plan allows everyone on our team to know what is coming up and what the expectations are.  Without our yearly marketing plan we would never be able to reach so many new potential clients and…in the long run…wouldn’t be able to make $1 Million (or more) like we do every year!  I always say “failing to plan means planning to fail.”

But…before you can even start to build your marketing plan you must set up a solid foundation for marketing success!  Build the foundation of your business before you start building your marketing plan and you will set yourself up for greatness.

Before you create a marketing strategy you must completely understand 4 things:
Your Business
Your Clients
Your Competition

Here is a 3 min video where I explain the importance of understanding yourself before you starting to build your marketing plan:

YouTube Preview Image

Yours in Health, Fitness & Business
Sherri McMillan

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