One of my biggest pet peeves…

Hey Fitness Pros,

Just returned from Spring Break in the Dominican Republic with my kids. I did another teaching vacation in exchange for free accommodations, food and drinks for myself, a guest and my 2 kids. It’s the best gig ever! World-class resort and I get to meet amazing people from all over the world!  Here’s the link again to apply to be one of their resort instructors.  You just have to ensure you’re fully certified and then you get to decide where and when you get to go on your next holiday!

Okay, so now on to one of my biggest pet peeves…

I find that most trainers haven’t looked at the big picture.  They haven’t fully analyzed all components & systems required for a successful, world-class, million-dollar personal training business.

As a small example, I will often see trainers take a scrap piece of paper and write down heart rate training zones for a client or a nutrition plan or a list of goals or action steps. They will tear out that piece of paper and give it to their client and I cringe and how unprofessional that looks.  It gives the perception that there are no systems in place, the trainer hasn’t thought out all the processes required to help clients achieve results, and they are giving the perception that there is no “method to their madness”.

If you know you are going to be calculating heart rate training zones for a client, have a form for that.  If you know you will be doing lifestyle coaching with clients, have forms for that. If you ask the same questions for all new clients, have a detailed client intake form. If you perform initial and ongoing assessments have systems and forms for that. If you have feedback forms, physical approval for exercise forms, workout cards, weekly exercise plans, and nutrition plans and logs, have forms for all of this.

Each form should have a consistent look and feel including your logo, motto and all key critical contact information including website, email and phone.

Have a system in place for all new clients to ensure that they are receiving all the information they need to succeed.  Don’t just randomly hope you hit all the key points.

Give the perception that you know exactly what you are doing.  And guess what, clients will flock to you from all over because they will perceive that you are a pro and will therefore be able to help them achieve incredible results.

The good news is though, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  You don’t need to figure out which forms and systems you need to succeed.  We offer the license to utilize all of our materials as your own!

To help you out, I’ve authorized that you can purchase our a la carte Client Programs Systems and Forms for 20% off right now!  That is almost $200 off.  Just use the link below and the code CSF20 at checkout to get your discount. Plus, if you decide to go with our full Business of Personal Training Corporate Manual and Systems (everything we use to run our million dollar PT business), we will take $600 off the full price.  You’ve got nothing to lose and millions to gain!

Yours in health, fitness & business,

Sherri McMillan

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