Don’t make this mistake!

Hey Fitness Pros,

In the fitness industry, because people are investing in something that is intangible, they often suffer from buyer’s remorse after the purchase. They may have just invested $1,000 and their new trainer sends them away with nothing to show for it. It’s not like they can see the positive changes yet. So you have to do whatever you can to convince them that they’ve made the right decision. Start by affirming the client’s decision. For example:

“Sally, you should be so pleased with yourself. Most people just think about starting an exercise program their whole life and actually never do anything about it! You are going to be so pleased with the results!”

Next, be sure to send your clients away with a resource package that will help to quiet their concerns. Inside a folder include educational articles, testimonials and other promotional information. This will give them something to show for their investment. They can go home and look through all the material and maintain their excitement.

At Northwest Personal Training, we give all clients our NWPT Results Manual that includes excellent information on Cardio Training, Muscle Conditioning, Nutrition, Lifestyle coaching and more. It’s a great way to launch a new client’s program and ensure they have all the information they need to experience incredible results. It also demonstrates an extreme level of professionalism. We also use this manual for our Annual Spring Makeover challenge, Corporate Fitness challenges and more! Here’s a YouTube link explaining how and when we use our Results Manual.

The good news is you don’t have to invent your own manual. We offer the license to utilize our manual as your own and save you tons of time and energy! And if you purchase by the end of the month, you get $100 off. Just click on the link below and enter FRM20 at check out to get the discount.

I love making a trainer’s job easier. Trust me, you will use this manual in so many different ways and forever!

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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