4 things to reach Million Dollar Personal Training success

Hey Fitness Pros,

There are a few things that I believe are critical to the success of any Personal Training business.

1.  Clients – Well, let’s state the obvious right?!  You need clients in order to be successful.  And of course, you want amazing, fun awesome clients.  So guess what?!  That’s exactly how you have to be to attract these type of people to your business.  Plus, you need a solid internal and external marketing plan that lets your community know who you are, what you do and entices them to come and try out your services. Our best way of attracting new clients into our business is word of mouth referrals, community outreach & business alliances and all of the events that we host.

2.  Incredible Personal Trainers – Another obvious need right?!  You need trainers on your team to grow a 7-figure Personal Training business.  And of course, you want amazing, fun, awesome trainers. So guess what?!  That’s exactly how you have to be to attract these types of people into your business!  Are you sensing a theme here yet?! The key to success in any part of your life is to surround yourself with amazing people!  And once you have them on your team, take care of them!  Remember this, how your treat your team is how they will treat your clients!

3. Strong Business Skills – If you don’t think you’re running a business, you’re probably not!  Get it?!  You have to understand how to market and promote, sell, track revenues and profits, control expenses, maintain efficient and effective administrative systems and maintain a clean and functional facility.

4.  Have fun! We work so hard to ensure our fitness and training environment is fun.  We fully understand that for most people, exercise is a chore so whatever we can do to mix things up and keep things light and fun is going to help a ton!  If you can get clients smiling that goes a long way towards client loyalty and retention.  Every month we’ve got a ton of stuff going on at the studio…whether it’s specialty holiday classes, a crazy cool event or just everyday initiatives, we strive to ensure our clients are working out regularly, achieving fabulous results and laughing a ton along the journey! Here’s some photos from an event we just hosted this weekend!  What a blast!

Crazy for March Muddy Madness

Crazy costumes at March Muddy Madness

Wall climb

Putting functional fitness to use

Flipping Tires has never been so fun

Flipping Tires in the mud has never been so fun!

Boys will be boys!

Boys will be boys! Clients bring their kids and it becomes a family event!

Mud crawl

We make it a family event


Do you like the finisher's medal. We also gave out socks and gloves with our logo on them too!

I hope this text gives you some ideas for how to run a Million Dollar Personal Training business.  I also want to mention that you don’t need to go it alone!  We offer all of the systems, the license to utilize all of our materials, a Personal Training Master Mind group and so much more.  Email kari@nwpersonaltraining.com if you are ready to take your Personal Training business to million dollar level status! We have options for every size and type of Personal Training business model!

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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