Launch a wildly successful Weight Loss Challenge

Hey Fitness Pros,

Spring is on the way and people start thinking about getting in great shape for summer.  The days are getting longer and people have a renewed sense of energy! So it’s the perfect opportunity to launch a “Spring Makeover Challenge” or a “Biggest Loser” competition.

Our Spring Makeover Challenge is one of our most successful programs of the whole year.  We generate $15,000-$20,000 directly from this one 6 week program.

Here’s some details from our program:

  • People register in advance for a variety of different program options based on their needs. For example, some people just want the friendly competition and that is enough to motivate them to do what they need to do so they pay only $47 to enroll.  Others want more private instruction and will enroll in the program that includes personal training two times per week for $997.
  • People sign up to various trainer’s teams.  Each trainer is responsible for recruiting team members up to a maximum of 15 people per team. Teams compete against each other and trainers get bragging rights if their teams win.
  • We schedule a launch date.  This year our program launches on Wednesday April 13th. At this meeting, we do a review of the program expectations including workouts and nutrition and then each team meets with their trainer. Our programs are typically 6 weeks long.
  • We do baseline measurements the first week, weekly weigh-ins are completed and then final measurements are done.  Team progress is reported weekly so teams can see how they are doing.
  • We host a big party at the end of the program where winning teams are announced.  Results are calculated based on team with greatest % weight loss.  (Total Team Weight Loss / Total Team Starting Weight)
  • Each participant receives a gift.  Past years we have given t-shirts or gym-bags.
  • Each participant also receives our ‘Fitness Results Manual’.  This is the resource that we use to guide each participant throughout the program.  It has all the information they need to ensure success and document their progress including logs.  We actually sell the license to utilize this manual for all your programs.  It will be the most valuable resource you use in your business and will save you tons of time and money trying to create your own.  You can email and she can provide you with more details or click on this link to order I have set up a discount of 20% off the cost of this manual for all my blogging buddies.  Use Promo Code  FRM20.
  • We promote this program on our website, in our enewsletters and on Facebook.  We also post fliers at our studio and throughout our community.  Each program attracts approximately 200 participants so it’s well worth your time. In addition, many non-clients participate in the program, get introduced to our studio and how cool our trainers are and then become regular clients so it’s a fabulous marketing initiative also!

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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