What do you have planned for February for your PT business?

Hey Fitness Pros.

I hope you’re enjoying the January rush! Although you’re probably swamped with everything right now, as a leader, you need to always be looking ahead!

So my question to you is ‘What do you have planned for February’?

To give you some ideas from our business…

*We’re hosting a SuperBowl Flag Football game – NWPT Trainers vs Clients. It will be a fun customer service, bonding event.

*We’re hosting a Couple’s Bootcamp and Couple’s Yoga on Valentine’s Day weekend

*We’re offering an Educational seminar for our clients – Education + Action = Results!

*We’re hosting a Girls Night Out party

*We’ve offering various Valentine’s Day specials and promoting Gift Certificates for the holiday

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

ps. FYI – if you are part of our PT MasterMind group you would already have all of these templates ready to go and use. Your first month is FREE so you can see what it’s all about and how we generate $1,000,000 per year in our 5000 square foot facility. Contact kari@nwpersonaltraining.com if you’re ready to take your PT business to levels of success you’ve only dreamed of!

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12 Comments "What do you have planned for February for your PT business?"

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