LOVE Your Clients It PAYS Off!

If you LOVE Your Clients it really can pay off!


Save Money: Keep Clients

Did you know that business experts say that it’s 6x more expensive to get  new clients than to keep the clients you have?  It is true and outside of our consistently exceptional customer service and world class trainers I am always trying to think of ways to remind clients of how great they are and how much we love them!  We want to keep them coming back for more and hopefully when it comes time for them to refer a friend to a health and fitness facility they won’t even hesitate to recommend Northwest Personal Training.

Creative Way To Show Clients You LOVE Them!

We just implemented a cool campaign that benefits  Read the rest of LOVE Your Clients It PAYS Off!

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Me VS Jillian Micheals

Me vs. Jillian Michaels

Sherri Foam Roller Me vs. Jillian Michaels!                       jillian michaels Me vs. Jillian Michaels!

Who is your money on??!

I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 25 years so when The Biggest Loser debuted back in 2005, people asked me all the time what I thought of the show.  I’ve always been on the fence with my opinion of the show so stayed pretty neutral with my comments.  I was able to see the pros and the cons of the program.  I thought to myself “I don’t agree with the approach to weight loss and the training style of Jillian Michaels but at the very least, the show gets people thinking about exercise and healthy eating and could potentially inspire a lot of people to get off the couch and start exercising.’  Viewers at home may see these dramatic physical transformations and think ‘”Gosh, if they can do it, so can I!  If they can lose 200 pounds, I can at least lose 30 or 50 or 100 pounds!”   My initial thought was that the show could give a lot of people hope and the inspiration they need to finally take action.  So I perceived there was enough potential good to not be too hard on the show.

But then a recent study out of the University of Alberta had me thinking that maybe the show Read the rest of Me VS Jillian Micheals

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Press Release Success

I have mentioned the importance of sending out regular press releases in the past, but something really great happened for our studio this week that made me want to remind you that you can have press release success just like us!

I have a list of local contacts (that I built by going to newspaper, radio, TV websites and grabbed contact info from) and I send email press releases to that list every 2 weeks.  They are used to hearing from me now!

Because of my persistence, a local morning news caster Read the rest of Press Release Success

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Client Getting Initiatives

We recently ran a contest for a chance to win our Business of Personal Training System for free and we asked contestants to give us their best Client Getting Initiatives and we thought you would like to hear some of their ideas!

From Brad Hawk (winner!) Owner of Train Better Fitness – Overland Park, KS:

“Our VERY BEST client getting initiative is creating the Ultimate Member Experience built by our Core Values that brings referrals by all-star customers.

  1. Bring Your Best: We’re always “on stage.” Be prepared with a “preemptive strike” i.e. programs designed, studio cleanliness, equipment arranged for classes, vendors managed, retail displays ready, looking professional, and practice what we preach on fitness to perform our very best!
  2. Have Good Days & Great Days: Our responsibility is to be a motivational and educational coach, so we cannot allow personal matters to affect our work. It’s crucial to have a positive attitude, and that can help a customer who was having a bad day improve their mood and feel better than when they arrived at the gym. Have fun, and create the right vibe!
  3. Exceed Expectations: Create some “wow” Read the rest of Client Getting Initiatives
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Turn Tours Into Sales

You have a specific way that you and/or your staff turns tours into sales right?  I sure hope so because if a person has taken the time to walk into your business, they are interested in your services!  Now you have to have prove to them that you can help them.   If they walk out without booking a complimentary session or workout or purchasing any of your services, then you haven’t done a good job convincing them that you can help them achieve their goals and that doesn’t help the client and it doesn’t help your sales!


All of the staff here at Northwest Personal Training has practiced and perfected this simple way to give tours that almost always turn into sales!

Here’s an example of how our staff greets someone new walking through our doors: Read the rest of Turn Tours Into Sales

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Increase Personal Training Profits For FREE

If you have been following my blog then you know that we love to show you tons of ways to increase personal training profits and now we are giving away ALL of our secrets  for FREE!  That’s right…we are giving away 1 free copy of our Business of Personal Training System!  Keep reading to find out why this is important for you.

Now I am sure you are wondering why would my personal training business needs something like the Business of Personal Training?  Here’s why I think having solid Marketing, HR, Sales, Operations and Client Programming systems in place is so essential.

Systems give you your time back!


  • I talk to fitness professionals every day who tell me that they don’t have time to work ON their business because they are too busy working IN their business and they don’t have time to spend with their family or do the things they love.  It doesn’t have to be that way!


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Complimentary PT Session: Close The Sale

Over the last month I have blogged about the importance of building relationships with potential new clients in order to get their commitment, the importance of focusing on booking complimentary sessions and how to get those complimentary sessions booked over the phone.  You have the info you need…right?  You are close!  Now you just need to know how to conduct that complimentary first session so that you can get a 80% or higher closing ratio like we do here at Northwest Personal Training.

Let’s imagine you’re on the market for a hot, new vehicle – a convertible sports car.  Would you make the investment without a test-drive?  No way.  You’ve got to get a feel for it.  How does it ride?  Does it handle the corners well?  How fast does it go from 0 to 60?  Does it satisfy all your needs?  Do you look good in it?  These are all important questions that need to be answered before you start dishing out the cash!

Why would personal training or a fitness membership be any different?  Most people in the market for personal training are confused about what personal training is all about.  Many people may think that in order to work with you they have to see a trainer 3x/week.  They may not understand your group training or fitness club membership options.  Most people just aren’t aware of all the personal training options and may honestly believe that personal training is only for the rich and famous.  Offering a complimentary Personal Training session to all new or potential clients, allows you the opportunity to service new clients and also gives you the opportunity to educate a potential client and a trainer to “strut their stuff”.  If you thoroughly impress potential clients, these sessions can open up long-term relationships.

Here are some tips for conducting your complimentary sessions: Read the rest of Complimentary PT Session: Close The Sale

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Booking First Session Over the Phone


So we have talked about why building a relationship with a potential new client is the best way to get a client to sign up for your services and great ways to market for more comp sessions, but we need to take a step back!  The first step to having a successful comp session is having a successful first conversation with the potential new client and many times this happens over the phone.

It’s imperative to understand how we can use the phone to our advantage to help us sell our services. Here are some guidelines that we ask our trainers to follow:

  • Move the phone and physically put it in a place where it is the center of attention.  It is difficult to perform well on the phone when distractions and disruptions are occurring around you.
  • Pay attention to your posture on the phone.  It is difficult to sound energetic if you’re reclined back in an easy-chair or slouched on the couch.  Try putting a long cord on the phone or use a cordless headset so you can move around while talking.  Remember your body language can be heard!
  • Consciously attempt to add more tone, animation, and energy to your voice.
  • Make important Read the rest of Booking First Session Over the Phone
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One New Client Is Worth A LOT!

I have challenged each of our team members to book at least 1 comp session in the next week.  That may not seem like a lot, but think of it this way….that is 10 scheduled comps for one week.  We normally have at least 80% of those comp sessions result in a $1000 package – that’s $8,000 in one week.  And in addition, most of those clients will continue training with us for recurring revenues.

Plus each of those new clients will tell their friends about you and your outreach into the community will be awesome!

So how do you get comps booked?  Here are some suggestions that I sent to our team:

Read the rest of One New Client Is Worth A LOT!

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Closing the Sale – It’s Not What You Think

Hopefully you have done some exciting and creative marketing this month and lots of new prospective clients are walking through your doors.

Are you and your staff ready for them?

During this busy time of year it is so important that you feel comfortable and confident with your sales process.  The clients that you sign up this month can play a huge factor in your overall yearly sales.

So the question is…how do you close the sale?

Well, lets focus on the first step: developing a relationship . Closing the Sale is not at all about “Closing the Sale”.  If you enter communications with a potential client with this as your primary goal, you will not “close the sale” or will shortly lose the client.  Selling any product or service is all about opening or developing a relationship!  Read the rest of Closing the Sale – It’s Not What You Think

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