How to Gather Email Leads Online

optinI talk to lots of fitness professionals that know they need to gather email leads on their websites, facebook pages and blogs, but just don’t know where to start.  There is A LOT of information out there on this topic and it can be overwhelming….but gathering qualified email addresses online should be an interracial part of your marketing plan.  The good news?  It isn’t as hard as you might think!

 3 different ways we gather email leads online:


  • Check out our website and you will see that we have an “opt-in” box at the top of the page.  We offer to give away Free Personal Training and Free access to a portion of Sherri’s book.
  • Go ahead and click the “sign me up” button and enter your info to see how it works. Read the rest of How to Gather Email Leads Online
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Get & Keep Good Personal Trainers

One of the biggest struggles fitness businesses have is getting and keeping good personal trainers.  Here are some of the most popular questions I answer on this topic.  Remember, having solid systems in place that support your staff can make all the difference in the world!

2012 Van Team

How do I get and keep good personal trainers?

Keeping your trainers – you’ve got to have all pieces to the puzzle in place and include a fair compensation structure with some good perks, lots of genuine praise and recognition, responsibility and authority, gifts, team meetings, outings/get-togethers and a buy-in to your vision and what you’re trying to create….sometimes it’s easier to create this with new blood so even if you’ve lost some people, don’t stress out about it.  They’ve left for a reason and your business will be better because of it.

How you prevent trainers from resenting the amount of money the gym makes on their services?

One of the best ways to help a team Read the rest of Get & Keep Good Personal Trainers

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Free Advertising – Will You Work For It?

There are ways to get free advertising, but you will have to work for it.

Are you willing to do that?

newspaperThe truth is that most fitness businesses don’t have money to take out ads in magazines or newspapers or create a commercial for the radio or television. But, there are ways to get free advertising if you are willing to work for it!

We are willing to put in the work and here are a few ways we make free advertising happen:


  • Develop a list of key local media contacts in your area including print, radio and TV


  • Complete regular mail-outs, emails and fax-outs to develop relationships. Tease them with some health and fitness information. For example, state “I was just at IDEA, The International Health and Fitness Conference in Las Vegas and I learned some of the most incredible exercises for the abdominals. It’s stuff you’ve never seen before. Call me if you’d like to hear more about it” or “I was just at the IHRSA show in San Francisco and I’ve got to tell you about some of the hottest and craziest equipment new on the market” or offer a human interest story about one of your clients and their success- with their approval of course. Just wet their taste buds and you can expect at least one or two call backs from each of your efforts. Of course each time they run your idea, you are mentioned as the Health and Fitness expert and you can also ask for your business and your number/website to be listed so people can contact you if they have further questions.


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Build Your Foundation Build Your Fitness Business Success!


Building a solid foundation for your fitness business is one of the crucial steps to ensuring your success!



Last week I reviewed the big picture attributes and commitments you need in order to run a successful fitness business.

The next step is ensuring that you have a strong enough foundation to sustain all of the business you wish to create!

If you haven’t taken the time to sit down and hash out these 5 things for your business…now is the time.

  • Do a SWOT Analysis:
    • What are your STRENGTHS, what are your WEAKNESSES, what are your OPPORTUNITIES, what are your TREATS and what are your goals.
    • Have this in writing and build off of it!

  • Decide what YOUR Values are?
    • Write them all out and be specific!
    • Here are some examples from our Values document:
      • Customer Service:
        • We only hire the best Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Fitness Professionals, Customer Service Reps and Administrative staff who grasp the importance of customer service.
        • Our business model focuses on always remembering that the Client is the Boss
      • Cutting-Edge Programming
        • Northwest Personal Training and Fitness Education is committed to offering an extensive, cutting-edge Personal Training and Group Fitness program including one-on-one training, small group and large group training, outdoor adventures and educational lectures.

  • What is your Mission, Vision & Motto?
    • Take time to write all of these out!
    • Here are our Mission, Vision & Motto:
      • Mission Statement:  We are passionately committed to changing people’s lives around the world more healthy and fit lifestyle so by helping them adopt a they look and feel their best
      • Vision: A healthier world…One person at a time.
      • Motto: Looking Good, Feeling Great & Living Life to the Fullest!

  • Know Your Client Demographics:
    • Who are your clients? Where do they like to shop? What is their income?
    • Paint a clear picture of who your client is

Like this type of guidance and want more?  Good news!  I recorded 10 hours of DVD quality video where I walk you through what you really need to know about opening or running a personal training business. 

Topics in the Business of Personal Training DVD Series Include:

  • How to and when to open a Personal Training Studio
  • Important information about financing a Personal Training Studio
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Creating and maintaining Marketing Plans
  • Ready to use Sales Systems
  • How we Retain Clients
  • Building an exceptional Customer Service team
  • The value of multiple Profit Centers
  • All the handouts to go along with the video!

AND…throughout the month of April you can get an automatic 25% off his DVD Series!  That is almost $100 off!
AND…if you love the DVD Series so much that you want to purchase the full Business of Personal Training System….we will put the full price of the DVD Series toward your purchase of the Business of Personal Training System.

Go HERE for more info and to purchase.  Have questions before purchasing?  Email


BOPTbooklets2 225x300 What YOU Need To Run A Successful PT BusinessHey did you know that I wrote the ONLY complete training business  system designed to help you run a million dollar personal training business?!  You can have this same business system that will help you work SMARTER and generate HUGE profits like we do here at Northwest Personal Training. 

The fee to purchase the Business of Personal Training System can be made up within 1 month of increased PT sales and there are NO recurring franchise or licensing fees.  

A comparable business system in other industries would require an initial investment of tens of thousands of dollars.  

DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL!  Let us give YOU the systems that we know will work.

Also, sign up right here on my blog to receive my FREE 20 min streaming video where I reveal my top 5 revenue generating secrets. This video WILL help you bring in more clients and more revenue.  Don’t miss it!

facebook like buton1 1024x952 What YOU Need To Run A Successful PT Business

Click Here to like us on Facebook and get FREE Instant Access to my “Making Money with Small Group Training” Webinar

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What YOU Need To Run A Successful PT Business

What YOU NEED to run a successful PT Business….

I have written on numerous topics in this blog related to running a highly successful and profitable personal training business, and today I want to help you take a step back review the big picture and what needs to be in place to run a successful PT Business. Whether you are just starting out or if you have been at it for years, these are the….

……Simple yet important aspects you MUST have to be successful and profitable!

  1. Have the belief that there is a potential to be extremely successful and profitable in the Personal Training industry and YOU can do it!
  2. Vision and imagination – as a leader you are able see more than what others can see and see the potential that others may not see!
  3. Have goals established for your business – be as detailed as possible so Read the rest of What YOU Need To Run A Successful PT Business
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Weight Loss Challenge – Get Commitment. Get Results.


Weight Loss Challenge – Get Commitment. Get Results.

I received tons of great questions about last week’s blog post on how we run our Spring Makeover Challenge.

2 of the most asked questions where:

How do you get commitment from clients and ensure that they will see results during the 6 week Challenge

  • What are the different ways that participants can sign up?

The best way to ensure that your weight loss change participants see the results they expect is to clearly state what you expect them to do during the 6 weeks of the challenge and then have them commit to these expectations by signing at the bottom of the list of expectations.

Here is a list of what we ask our weight loss challenge participants to commit to: Read the rest of Weight Loss Challenge – Get Commitment. Get Results.

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Most Successful Program Of The Year

Our Spring Makeover Challenge is our most successful program of the year!


Are you going to try a weight loss challenge this Spring?

We are getting ready to launch our Spring Makeover Challenge and it generates $15,000 to $20,000 in extra revenue for us each year. If you are thinking about doing some type of weight loss challenge this Spring…now is the time to get everything in order and I am going to help!

Here’s some details from our program:

People register in advance
 for a variety of different program options based on their needs. 

For example, some people just Read the rest of Most Successful Program Of The Year

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LOVE Your Clients It PAYS Off!

If you LOVE Your Clients it really can pay off!


Save Money: Keep Clients

Did you know that business experts say that it’s 6x more expensive to get  new clients than to keep the clients you have?  It is true and outside of our consistently exceptional customer service and world class trainers I am always trying to think of ways to remind clients of how great they are and how much we love them!  We want to keep them coming back for more and hopefully when it comes time for them to refer a friend to a health and fitness facility they won’t even hesitate to recommend Northwest Personal Training.

Creative Way To Show Clients You LOVE Them!

We just implemented a cool campaign that benefits  Read the rest of LOVE Your Clients It PAYS Off!

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Me VS Jillian Micheals

Me vs. Jillian Michaels

Sherri Foam Roller Me vs. Jillian Michaels!                       jillian michaels Me vs. Jillian Michaels!

Who is your money on??!

I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 25 years so when The Biggest Loser debuted back in 2005, people asked me all the time what I thought of the show.  I’ve always been on the fence with my opinion of the show so stayed pretty neutral with my comments.  I was able to see the pros and the cons of the program.  I thought to myself “I don’t agree with the approach to weight loss and the training style of Jillian Michaels but at the very least, the show gets people thinking about exercise and healthy eating and could potentially inspire a lot of people to get off the couch and start exercising.’  Viewers at home may see these dramatic physical transformations and think ‘”Gosh, if they can do it, so can I!  If they can lose 200 pounds, I can at least lose 30 or 50 or 100 pounds!”   My initial thought was that the show could give a lot of people hope and the inspiration they need to finally take action.  So I perceived there was enough potential good to not be too hard on the show.

But then a recent study out of the University of Alberta had me thinking that maybe the show Read the rest of Me VS Jillian Micheals

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Press Release Success

I have mentioned the importance of sending out regular press releases in the past, but something really great happened for our studio this week that made me want to remind you that you can have press release success just like us!

I have a list of local contacts (that I built by going to newspaper, radio, TV websites and grabbed contact info from) and I send email press releases to that list every 2 weeks.  They are used to hearing from me now!

Because of my persistence, a local morning news caster Read the rest of Press Release Success

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