Increase your Personal Training revenues this summer

Hey Fitness Pros,

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner?!  It’s my favorite season of the year and I look forward to all the outdoor activities, the beach, BBQs and sunny, warm days!  But many personal trainers don’t enjoy summer because they experience a substantial dip in their income as clients reduce their training because their kids are home from school and/or they are away on holidays.

However, summer doesn’t have to be the slow season in the fitness industry if you don’t want it to be! Side note:  It is okay to reduce your hours in the summer and just enjoy a few extra hours of rest and relaxation. It will give you a renewed sense of energy for the fall!

But if reducing your income is not ideal, be proactive and take some action steps to get an influx of new clients into your system. Here’s some ideas: Read the rest of Increase your Personal Training revenues this summer

What did we do to experience our best May ever?

Hey Fitness Pros,

I just made the decision to take all of our marketing dollars for the summer and pour them into social media initiatives.  So this month, we launched a Groupon campaign and I ramped up our Facebook ad dollars.  And guess what, it worked! We just experienced our best May revenues in the history of both of our studios!

Just thought you should know!

Yours in health, fitness and business,


ps. You may not know this, but we offer the license to utilize all of our Business Systems as your own in your Personal Training business.  We do over $1 million dollars per year at each of our studios and you can mimic your business after ours.  Follow along and do exactly as we do! Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Use a system that works!

Shut up and let them buy!

Resist Your Fear of Asking!

You’ve finished the initial session with a prospective client, now what?  Sales gurus suggest that we fail to gain commitment to purchase on approximately 62% of prospects because we don’t ask them to participate. You’ve got to resist your fear of asking. Use phrases like “Let’s get started immediately” or “We should get started right away so we can start working towards your goals. I’ve got Monday or Wednesday available at 7:00 am.  What would work best for you?” or “Based on your goals, I think we should try a 20 session package” or “Most of my clients see me three times a week. How does that sound for you?” or “Let’s go with a 6 month package because that will be enough time for you to experience incredible results!”

You’ve got to ask for the business. Sit down and review the program and the suggested plan for success. You may say “John, I’m so glad we were able to start you off with four key abdominal exercises. You can start on those immediately. You’ve also told me it’s important to you to tackle fat loss. I can definitely help design a program that includes aerobic exercise, muscle conditioning and proper nutrition–all key components of an effective fat loss program. There are lots of ways that you and I can work together towards your goals. Some of my clients see me as often as five times a week and others as little as once every two weeks. It depends on how much time, and of course finances, they want to commit to their goals. What do you think would work for you?”

Once you have asked the client for a commitment, stop talking and wait for his or her response. Sales experts suggest that people need three to four seconds before they can respond.

Also, remember to look for signs that the prospect is telling you he wants to invest in your services (checkbook or day planner comes out). Timing is everything. Don’t ramble on with more information if the client is ready to sign up. If you wait too long, he may change his mind. Have you ever been in a situation when you’re ready to buy and the salesperson is still trying to sell you? If your client is ready to make the commitment to their health and fitness, shut up and let them buy.

Yours in health, fitness & business,

Sherri McMillan

ps. If you haven’t heard, we’re offering 20% off our ’1st session with a Client’ Evideo until the end of May so you have 1 week left to take advantage of this offer.  I teach you everything you need to know to close 80-90% of your new client sales. Plus you get to see me with a real live client! It’s a great training video for yourself and your team! Click the link below for more information.

Every personal trainer must read this…

Hey Fitness Pros,

I was forwarded the following article that I think every Personal Trainer should read. It may be a bit controversial but definitely addresses some important points and is a great reminder!  Maybe read it together at your next team meeting…Be sure to leave a comment on my blog. I’d love to hear what you think!

Yours in health, fitness and your business success,

Sherri McMillan

ps. If you haven’t heard yet, we’re offering 20% off our ‘1st session with a Client’ Evideo.  I teach you everything you need to know to close 80-90% of your new client sales. Plus you get to see me with a real live client! It’s a great training video for yourself and your team! Click the link below for more information.




Overcoming Obstacles to Sales for Personal Trainers

Hey Fitness Pros,

As trainers, if we aren’t skilled at helping people overcome their mental barriers to taking action, then they’ll just keep THINKING about starting an exercise program forever and never actually DO anything about it! It’s our job to help people overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their goals and living their best life!

Fortunately, the obstacles that most of our clients will present us with are very common and predictable. We just need to know what they are and be prepared with a system and questions to help them overcome those obstacles to success.

For example, I’m sure you’ve heard these before…
• I want to think about
• I don’t know if I’ll stick to it.
• I’ve tried before and never experienced any results.
• I can’t afford it.
• I’m too busy

When handling someone’s concerns, try the following system guaranteed to get clients to stop thinking and start doing!

Read the rest of Overcoming Obstacles to Sales for Personal Trainers

You need to get on this asap!

Hey Fitness Pros,

Mothers Day is 2 weeks away and I wanted to make sure you’ve got something special planned for the ladies at your club. Here are some ideas that are not too late to initiate:

  • Offer a Mother’s Day special on services.  We offer specials on Personal Training, Partner Training, Massage, Pilates and heavily promote that we have Gift Certificates available.  We want people to give fitness versus flowers or chocolate!
  • Offer a Mother/Daughter/Sister/Grandma specialty fitness class.  We host Bootcamps, Zumba-a-thons, Partner Yoga and more
  • Offer a Women’s Retreat including workouts, Women’s Health workshops/lectures, lunch and maybe some pampering.  Charge a fee for the day depending on the services that you provide and you can actually make a good amount of income and treat a bunch of gals to an amazing day!
  • Give a gift to all the ladies at your studio. For example, purchase some single flowers to give to each lady who comes in and works out Mother’s Day week. Or perhaps find an inspirational poem relating to women, mothers etc and print on nice paper and give to all your gals.

Client retention is all about attention to details.  Now’s your opportunity to show these gals how much you care!

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

ps. If you were part of our Personal Training Master Mind group you would have all the fliers, templates and materials we use to market and promote all these successful programs and initiatives year-round.  Save time and make more money by mimicking our monthly internal and external marketing action steps.  Click on the link below and instantly transform your business and watch your profits soar!

Success with Groupon for Fitness Pros

Hey Fitness Pros,

We launched our 1st Groupon promotion this weekend and from our perspective, it was wildly successful.  We signed up 179 new clients! That’s 179 people and all their friends who they will rave about us to!!! A huge marketing boost!

Here is how it worked:

–        Offer: $99 for 6 Weeks of Unlimited Group Training Classes, 1 hour Personal Training session, 2-30 minute assessment sessions (before and after 6 weeks) + our Fitness Results manual ($365 Value).

–        Groupon takes 50% of revenues and then pay us the other 50% over the 60 days following the coupon (1/3 the day after, 1/3 30 days after and 1/3 60 days after). So do the math.  If we sold 179 at $99, that’s $17,721 or $8,860 to us plus 179 clients who we hope (if we do a great job) will become regular, long-term clients with us.

Easy, easy, easy…

But of course, nothing is that easy.  Now the real work begins.  We will have to make sure we do such a great job with them that they continue with us at the end of 6 weeks. So we’ve got trainers assigned to call them and help them mold into our family, hold them accountable to their goals and make sure they stay on track so they experience incredible results.  Plus, we’ll offer them an incentive of $100 off their initial package to enroll at the end of the six week program.

The most important thing is that you have to have the systems in place to ensure they have a fabulous experience with you. It’s the attention to details…for example, our Fitness Results manual to give them the info and the tools to succeed, all the new client forms we use, the tracking system we use for new clients etc.

The good news is you don’t have to invent your own systems, forms and manuals. I’ve authorized that you can purchase our a la carte Client Programs Systems and Forms for 20% off right now!  That is almost $200 off.  Just use the link below and the code CSF20 at checkout to get your discount. Plus, if you decide to go with our full Business of Personal Training Corporate Manual and Systems later (everything we use to run our million dollar PT business), we will take $600 off the full price since you already purchased this component.  You’ve got nothing to lose and millions to gain!

Yours in health, fitness & business,

Sherri McMillan

One of my biggest pet peeves…

Hey Fitness Pros,

Just returned from Spring Break in the Dominican Republic with my kids. I did another teaching vacation in exchange for free accommodations, food and drinks for myself, a guest and my 2 kids. It’s the best gig ever! World-class resort and I get to meet amazing people from all over the world!  Here’s the link again to apply to be one of their resort instructors.  You just have to ensure you’re fully certified and then you get to decide where and when you get to go on your next holiday!

Okay, so now on to one of my biggest pet peeves…

Read the rest of One of my biggest pet peeves…

Don’t make this mistake!

Hey Fitness Pros,

In the fitness industry, because people are investing in something that is intangible, they often suffer from buyer’s remorse after the purchase. They may have just invested $1,000 and their new trainer sends them away with nothing to show for it. It’s not like they can see the positive changes yet. So you have to do whatever you can to convince them that they’ve made the right decision. Start by affirming the client’s decision. For example:

“Sally, you should be so pleased with yourself. Most people just think about starting an exercise program their whole life and actually never do anything about it! You are going to be so pleased with the results!”

Next, be sure to send your clients away with a resource package that will help to quiet their concerns. Inside a folder include educational articles, testimonials and other promotional information. This will give them something to show for their investment. They can go home and look through all the material and maintain their excitement.

At Northwest Personal Training, we give all clients our NWPT Results Manual that includes excellent information on Cardio Training, Muscle Conditioning, Nutrition, Lifestyle coaching and more. It’s a great way to launch a new client’s program and ensure they have all the information they need to experience incredible results. It also demonstrates an extreme level of professionalism. We also use this manual for our Annual Spring Makeover challenge, Corporate Fitness challenges and more! Here’s a YouTube link explaining how and when we use our Results Manual.

The good news is you don’t have to invent your own manual. We offer the license to utilize our manual as your own and save you tons of time and energy! And if you purchase by the end of the month, you get $100 off. Just click on the link below and enter FRM20 at check out to get the discount.

I love making a trainer’s job easier. Trust me, you will use this manual in so many different ways and forever!

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

More info on launching a $20,000 Six week Weight Loss challenge

Hey Fitness Pros,

I’ve had a lot of questions since our last post regarding launching a successful Weight Loss challenge.  Our program lasts 6 weeks and has generated $20,000 in that short period of time.

Read the rest of More info on launching a $20,000 Six week Weight Loss challenge