Strong Retention From Simple Actions

As fitness business managers and owners we know that having a solid internal marketing strategy in place (including a solid referral program) is one of the best ways to keep our current clients engaged, coming back for more and sending their friends and family our way. Last week we talked about how hosting events and adventures can keep your current clients engaged and excited about your business. Simple actions like accountability emails can also remind your clients that you care….and keep them coming back!

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Host Events: Get & Keep More Clients

We always have lots of fun events, adventures and clinics for our clients to sign up for. Some of them are free clinics and some are events and adventures that our clients pay for. All of these events keep our clients active, happy and engaged in our business. They also bring in new clients and potential new clients and extra revenue! Hosting fun events and adventures is a win/win for everyone!

We encourage and remind our trainers to share these events and adventures with their clients and we want to make it easy for them to do so. All of our events are listed both on our website and on our Facebook page. Having the events listed on our Facebook page makes it easy for our trainers to share the events with friends and share in their status updates. 

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Fit Pro Marketing Must Haves

Fit Pros. What are your “must haves” when you are marketing your business? I have given you lots of marketing ideas in my blog posts over the years and today I wanted to give you the short and sweet version of some of our “must haves” when it comes to marketing at Northwest Personal Training.

Start Here! Create a detailed yearly marketing plan and execute on it diligently

Make sure to include:

  • Promotion dates and details
  • Internal and external marketing initiatives
  • The events that you will host
  • Monthly staff accountability check-ups
  • Topics for monthly specialty programs
  • Team meeting dates
  • Team birthdays and anniversaries

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The Power of Words: Fit Pro Marketing

It is no secret that online marketing is a MUST for all businesses. As fitness business owners and managers we know that we need to have accurate and enticing information on services like Mindbody Online, IDEA Find a Personal Trainer, Google and Yelp. We need to have mobile friendly websites and be posting, sharing and re-posting on social media regularly. Now, here are the questions you should be asking yourself: what are the best words to use when marketing? What words are best at attracting potential clients and that encourage them buy? Read the rest of The Power of Words: Fit Pro Marketing

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Are You Seeing This?

Are you seeing this? It is about this time in January when a lot of fit pros start to see clients (despite our best efforts) lose their resolve and start slipping back into old routines. Try sending them this info or at least talking them through these points. These simple actions can mean the difference between sticking with a health & fitness goal or letting that goal fade away (many times like your clients have done before).

“Every year, if you set a goal, follow a process and then quit, why do you think it would be different next time? First, don’t beat yourself up about it. Sometimes it takes many attempts before something clicks and you figure out how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle for the long-term. Just remind yourself that your health is very important and you can do this, no matter how many tries it takes!

The bottom line is that whatever forced you off track last time, will more than likely surface again. To overcome that roadblock, you need to develop a strategy for overcoming obstacles posed by work, kids, fatigue or lack of time.

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Leadership 101 in 2 Minutes

You can give all of your time and effort to your business and to leading your team, but if you haven’t gained your teams’ trust…they will not follow. Here is the good news!

Take the appropriate steps, lead by example and be open and honest with your team and it will go far. It is all about YOUR character….

There are ways to set yourself up for success as a leader and I share them with you in this 2 min video.

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4 Minutes To Successful Comp Sessions

It is that time of year where….if you have done the appropriate marketing work….you have lots of potential new clients walking through your doors. Are you ready for them? Do you and your staff  have a specific plan on how to show these potential new clients how you and your staff can be the ticket to their fitness success?

We have a system that all of our trainers use when conducting a first session with a potential new client. This system allows each trainer to use his/her own style, but gives them a guideline on the specific pieces of the puzzle that will lead the potential new client to make a commitment to their fitness and to your business. Read the rest of 4 Minutes To Successful Comp Sessions

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Clients Ask. What is The Best Exercise?

I am sure you have clients that have asked….”what is the best exercise?” Or they may ask…….

….Is High Intensity Training the way to go? Or is Long, Slow Distance Training better? What cardio exercise brings the best results – is it cycling, rowing, running or something else? What muscle conditioning workouts enhance overall fitness best – is it Bootcamp classes, Barre, Yoga, Pilates or traditional weight training?

If someone decides to get fit and commit to an exercise program, there are a ton of options. It can feel like a kid in a candy store so to speak. But there’s only so much time in a week so how do they choose? First, you are there to help. If you want to give them some info to back up your recommendations then send this along to your clients.
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Your Client’s Wish List

Fit Pro friends! Send this list of gift ideas to your clients. They can pass it on to their loved ones. People who exercise regularly are the easiest to buy for because there is always some type of new gadget or the latest and greatest workout gear that they need. Plus even if they already have it, sometimes they get used so much and/or get so stinky, that they will need to upgrade.

Here’s a list of the Top 15 ideas that any fitness fanatic would appreciate:

Wearable Activity Tracking Device

If there’s one thing an athlete is obsessed with, it’s tracking their workouts. Depending on your budget, you might go for an entry level FitBit, an Apple Watch, a Polar Monitor or a Garmin. Be sure to fully understand what your fitness enthusiast currently uses or values. If they are already using an Apple Watch, they probably wouldn’t use a FitBit. One thing an athlete understands is that if you don’t track the workout and post it to Facebook, it’s almost like it didn’t happen!

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Rally Your Team – Find Business Success!

It is the unfortunate truth that many small businesses fail and so many times before they have even had a chance to start!

The fitness industry is no exception. Throughout my years of consulting….I have found that a lack of leadership can be one of the main reasons that fitness businesses struggle.

Whether or not you take the time to be a strong, organized and encouraging leader can really make or break your business. Many fitness business owners tell me “but I can’t find the time to lead. There is so much to do!” This is where great systems come into play. If you have great systems in place then you will have more time to lead! So get your systems in order and then start leading YouTube Preview Imageyour team and start taking your business to the next level. When we talk about having great systems…there are two systems we are mostly referring to:

  1. Our business manual that guides all of our procedures for sales, marketing, operations HR etc. (Go HERE to learn how you can make our systems your systems!)
  2. Our software system that helps us manage schedules, payroll, product sales, time clocks, client information and more. (Go HERE to learn more about Mindbody Online…..the software we use and love. You can also get 50% off your first 3 months!)

Take 3 minutes to watch this video on leadership and how taking time to “rally” your team can spell SUCCESS for your fitness business.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

Do you have a team that you trust, that you can rely on and that will stick with you for the long haul? I hope you do, but if you don’t and want to own the licensing rights to duplicate how we find, train and keep the best trainers in the world…you can! Check out our Human Resource System (scroll all the way to the bottom under a la carte systems). This is the same HR system that we use and that REALLY works.  AND!

Automatically get 20% off this system, any of our other a la carte systems or 50% off the full Business of Personal Training System through the month of December. AND….

….if you decide you like the any of the a la carte systems so much that you want the full Business of Personal Training System…we will put the full purchase price of the a la carte system towards your purchase of the Business of Personal Training System

Email for more info or to schedule a live personal demo of our Human Resource System or any other system.

Here are a couple past blog post with tips to maintain a steller personal training team:
From Trainer to Leader
Regular Program Updates

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