Fill Your Schedule – Encourage Monthly Clients

Clients that come see you for 1 on 1 personal training a couple times a week are the best kinds to get, but not all clients (or potential clients) can, want or need to see you that often. It is a good idea to try to fill the open time slots in your/your staff’s schedule by encouraging clients to see a personal trainer once a month for program updates. How do you encourage that type of client to sign up with you? Send them some of the information below. What better way to encourage folks to come see you than by educating them on why it is so important?

Give it a try…..

“We all know that muscle conditioning is Read the rest of Fill Your Schedule – Encourage Monthly Clients

Mix It Up For Clients & Get Serious Attention!

In today’s world of fast paced life, social media and 100 ways to distract your clients and potential clients….it is essential that you are always thinking about how to mix up what you do for your clients and to find ways to get serious attention.

Well, that is just what I did on Monday and it was a BLAST!  Did you hear my announcement that Richard Simmons was coming to help teach our 5:30am class on Monday? I made a BIG stink about it on our social media sites, through our enewsletter and with our clients. I told everyone to come to the studio on Monday morning to see Richard Simmons.

Here is what happened:

Richard Simmons Video

APRIL FOOLS! Read the rest of Mix It Up For Clients & Get Serious Attention!

Explaining Aerobic & Anaerobic To Your Clients

I am sure many of you have come up against clients who question why they need to do cardio exercise. Of course you know the importance of combining aerobic and anaerobic cardio, strength training, stretching and other forms of exercise…but your clients may not. I always like to give my clients the facts about their fitness and do it in a way that is easy to understand and suggest doable ways to accomplish what I am suggesting.

Here is a great way to help your clients understand the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise and to show then why both are important in reaching goals.

I start by telling clients that every good cardio program should include aerobic and anaerobic exercise with some variable impact and agility training.

IMGL6304Aerobic Exercise:

Aerobic exercise is easy to explain.  It involves going out for a walk, jog, cycle, swim, hike, x-country ski, indoor cardio equipment or taking a fitness class.  It includes exercise that is within your comfort zone and at an intensity that you could hold for 20 minutes plus.  This type of exercise will condition your heart and achieve numerous health benefits.

Anaerobic Exercise:

Anaerobic exercise is a more challenging form of exercise.  Read the rest of Explaining Aerobic & Anaerobic To Your Clients

Opportunities To Improve Your Fitness Business!

OK fit pros. We have so many really cool things going on in our Fitness Education Department right now that I just HAD to share them all with you in this week’s blog post.

I want to make sure all of our fit pro followers know about the inexpensive and really cool opportunities we are offering to help fit pros….just like you….improve their fitness businesses!

empty DVD caseFundraiser for Children’s Center

I am have been working my tail off to raise money for a very good cause and came up with a way that my fit pro friends (like you) could help this cause, help yourself and your business. It is a win for everyone!

Top 7 Exercises – Do You Agree?

The American Council of Exercise (ACE) asked 17,000 personal trainers what was the one exercise they couldn’t do without…the 7 exercises personal trainers can’t live without when designing programs for their clients and the winners were: Lunges, Squats, Push-Ups, Abdominal Exercises, Running, Walking, and Yoga.

Do you agree with these top 7 exercises? I would love to hear what your top exercises are. Put your thoughts in the messages on this post!

I thought you might like to have the images and descriptions of the top 7 exercises as references to pass on to your clients when needed….here they are:


Stand with one leg positioned in front of the other leg.  Keep the front knee over top of the ankle.  Keep the back knee underneath or slightly behind your hips.  Slowly lower the back knee towards the ground keeping the front knee over top the ankle the entire time. Only go as low as you feel comfortable.  Keep your body weight positioned over the front leg – this is your working leg.  Maintain proper posture and keep your abdominals contracted.  Complete 8-15 reps each leg.  Intermediate:  Same as above but lunge lower.  Advanced – Perform the same exercise as above but start to add resistance by holding free weights.

squatb_t800x500Squats: Read the rest of Top 7 Exercises – Do You Agree?

Clients Can Continue Working With You When Injured

DivingI am sure many of your clients have experienced injuries and then believe they must stop exercising. and we also know that often times when someone suffers an injury or is experiencing chronic aches and pains, they take a complete break from exercise.  But there’s rarely a reason to take a hiatus from exercise.  Instead, encourage your clients to do whatever they can to move their bodies because it enhances their internal biochemistry, gets the good hormones flowing, improves circulation and blood flow which will all help with the healing process and help to prevent depression while they are rehabilitating. There’s very rarely a reason that your clients can’t move their bodies even while injured!

Of course, they are going to have to modify their program a bit….and that is where you come in. Don’t think of a client injury and and obstacle or assume that you will lose that client (even just for the short term). Think of a client injury as an opportunity to help them continue with exercise in a safe way that will HELP them!

Here are some action steps I recommend to my clients when they find themselves managing and injury. Please save this info and share it with your clients when injuries pop up! Read the rest of Clients Can Continue Working With You When Injured

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Answer Their Question – Exercise When I Am Sick?

We have all had our clients ask this question: “Should I exercise when I am sick?”

Here is what I tell my clients and I thought you might benefit from this info too….

clipart_sickWhat do you do when you are sick?

We’re deep into the cold and flu season and if you haven’t caught a bug yet you no doubt have friends, family or colleagues who may be sending germs in your direction.  The question is – can you keep exercising when you’re sick?  Although more research is needed in this area, the general guideline is that if you have symptoms of a common cold with no fever and all your symptoms are above the neck, moderate exercise like walking should be ok.  However, if your symptoms include fever, extreme tiredness, muscle aches or swollen lymph glands, you should refrain from exercise until you get better.  When you do start exercising again, progress slowly and gently.  And keep in mind, even if you do have to take a few days off because you’re feeling under the weather, it really won’t make that big of a difference to your overall fitness level if you’re consistent with your program the rest of the time. 

If you find yourself getting sick often, is there something you can do about it?

We are exposed to germs and viruses all the time so what determines whether you actually get sick or not?  The likelihood of you catching the cold or flu depends on a number of factors, including advancing age, whether you smoke or not, high levels of stress, poor nutrition and lack of sleep.  It is important Read the rest of Answer Their Question – Exercise When I Am Sick?

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Give Clients Their Dream Life – Step Ten

Achieving Your Goals and Dream Life – Step Ten

Now we move on to Step Ten in the effort to help your clients achieve their goals and dream life, but first let’s review the first 9 steps….see below:

Step 1: Lay out your goals
Step 2: Get physical
Step 3: Eating like a champion
Step 4: Realize your potential
Step 5: Be positive
Step 6: Surround yourself with positive people
Step 7: Become a lover of knowledge
Step 8: Don’t let setbacks set you back
Step 9: Be an inspiration to others

STEP 10: Remind Your Clients That Their Past Does Not Equal Their Future and to DREAM BIG!


After working with thousands of people helping them to achieve their goals, one of the saddest things for me is to see someone become a victim to their past.  I see so many people make excuses for why they can’t achieve their goals today based on what has happened to them in the years past. I am sure as a fitness professional you see the same thing!

But, the key to your clients achieving their dream life is taking ownership of THEIR tomorrow. Ask them to:

“Take 100% responsibility for where you are, who you want to be and where you want to go.”

Here is what I tell my clients and I really hope you pass this on to your clients….. Read the rest of Give Clients Their Dream Life – Step Ten

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Sell Partner Training – Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Fit Pros! We LOVE you for what you do everyday….

We are going to take a break from our “Give Your Clients Their Dream Life” series because I wanted to share some helpful marketing and client retention information that you can use TODAY!

Heart-BslloonBecause of this special little holiday…..the LOVE bug has struck many making it a great opportunity to address the benefits of your clients working out with their special someone. Want more sales this time of year? Use today to remind your clients of the following…..

“….spending quality time with your honey will help to keep you both healthy and fit and will benefit all areas of your life including your marriage or relationship!  Most studies report that working out together will help each of you stick to the program – it’s harder to cop out when you know someone is counting on you.  Plus working out with someone else makes it fun – you almost forget you’re working out!  And you may even find that you each work out a lot harder side by side versus being alone – it’s a competitive thing.”

Most fitness facilities recognize the importance of having members work out with someone else which is why many offer the ‘2-for-1’ deals.  Do you offer 2 for 1 deals this time of year?  Remind clients that they will experience the benefits I just mentioned but also, they won’t have to go looking for someone to help spot them on some of their heavier lifts in the weight room.  If you’re clients aren’t sure where to begin tell them about Read the rest of Sell Partner Training – Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Give Clients Their Dream Life – Step Nine

Achieving Goals and Dream Life – Step Nine

We have moved on to Step 9 of your mission of helping clients achieve their goals and dream lives, but first you may want to view the previous steps:

Step 1: Lay out your goals
Step 2: Get physical
Step 3: Eating like a champion
Step 4: Realize your potential
Step 5: Be positive
Step 6: Surround yourself with positive people
Step 7: Become a Lover of Knowledge
Step 8: Don’t Let Setbacks Set You Back


Now For Step Nine: Be An Inspiration to Others

This should be a pretty easy step to achieve. It is what you do everyday right? You strive to be an inspiration to your clients. Show them how you walk your talk.

594I feel very confident that when you focus on helping others and inspiring others to live their dream life, it makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Many of us fitness professionals are lucky and we are  fitness fanatics!  We have no problem getting up every morning and getting to the gym for our workout or our early morning run.  We’ve been exercising for years and couldn’t imagine ever quitting.  When we are on vacation or on a business trip, we always book at a hotel that offers a fitness gym so you don’t get off track.  We exercise 5 plus times per week and it’s never a problem and in fact, sometimes, we have to really discipline ourselves to take a rest day.  Sedentary, couch potatoes watch us with envy wondering how we do it!

Were you always so disciplined?  Probably not.  Think back to when you first started exercising.  Do you remember how it felt?  You may have felt a little awkward or clumsy.  You may have been really stiff and sore the next day.  It may have taken you a little while to get into a routine and feel comfortable with what you were doing.  You may have hated every second of every workout!

When did exercise change from a chore to a necessity, to a desire? When and how did you get hooked?  As personal trainers, it’s our job to get new clients to the point where they’ve caught the exercise “bug”.  This is when clients stop complaining about how much exercise hurts and how difficult it is to stick to their program and instead, start commenting on how exercise makes them feel so good and how they find they need exercise to de-stress, find energy or be more productive at work.

Unfortunately, most people never get hooked on exercise. 

They give up before their body starts to experience these wonderful feelings associated with the exercise “high”.  Within 3 months, 80% of new exercisers Read the rest of Give Clients Their Dream Life – Step Nine