The Olympics Can Help Your Revenues!

Everyone is getting really excited about the 2012 Summer Olympics starting at the end of July and we thought it would be fun to run a special program to celebrate the Olympics and to bring in a little extra revenue during these slower summer months.  Can you believe I am going to share the details with you?  Well, I am!

Here is our flier for this event:

Olympic Challenge Page 1 789x1024 The Olympics Can Help Your Revenues!

Olympic Challenge Page 2 791x1024 The Olympics Can Help Your Revenues!

Our goal will be 200 registrants at each studio!
Give it a try and let us know if you have success with this program…

Want more details on this program, marketing initatives, sales, HR and more?  Try out our PT Profits Mastermind Group for free for a month! It is like having us as your consultants…it is worth a try!

Yours in health, fitness and business,
Sherri McMillan

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sherribofptvideo The Olympics Can Help Your Revenues!Curious how we do everything we do, stay organized and bring in over $1 Million in PT Sales every year at our small 5,000 sq ft training studio?  We use SYSTEMS!!  Having well established sales, marketing, HR, operations etc. systems in place allow all of the pieces of the puzzle to fit together.  These systems can be YOUR systems.  We share all of them with you in the Business of Personal Training System (which is the same system we use everyday).  Change our name to your name and away you go.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Email for a free personalized demo or watch this video where I explain exactly what is in the Business of Personal Training System.

facebook like buton1 1024x952 The Olympics Can Help Your Revenues!

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Keep Revenues Up While Clients Are Away

As Fitness Professionals we all know that summer can be tough on revenues.  Clients are on vacation, spending time with family and enjoying the great outdoors.  Inevitably, the missed personal training sessions start stacking up.

Well, here is a bit of advice that I recently sent out to the team here at Northwest Personal Training on ways to keep revenues up while clients are away.

“I wanted to remind you that periods like (summer/spring break/holidays) these present the perfect opportunity to work on clients’ files.  So for example, if clients are going to be away on vacation, let them know you’re going to use one of their hours to reprogram their workouts and periodize their next phase of training.

This will help the clients by keeping you organized and ensuring you’re monitoring their progress and changing things up…it will help you by keeping your productivity and revenues high which means training rate and revenue and productivity bonuses and it will help the business by ensuring we’re not losing revenues that can never be recouped.”

Win Win 300x90 Keep Revenues Up While Clients Are Away

……and it works!

Yours in health, fitness and business,
Sherri McMillan

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Now You Have Something To Talk About!

So you have your facebook page up and running, you have established your local business partners for cross promotion and you have your press release list ready to go.

I have mentioned this tactic previously, but thought it was worth repeating as the slower summer months approach and we are all looking for ways to increase revenues and keep new faces coming into our fitness businesses.  Well, one way to generate something to talk about is by hosting FREE monthly seminars!

Then…you can rave about your seminar(s) all over town.

  • Post the details all over facebook
  • Post the info on your website
  • Ask your clients to attend and to invite their friends and family
  • Send out a press release asking the media to notify the public of this important seminar
  • Handout fliers to your local business partners (resturants, hair saloons, coffee shops, running stores etc.)

Some of the most popular topics are:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Fat/Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Heart Rate Training


Make sure to come up with intriguing titles to your seminars like: Outsmart Your Fat Cells or Healthy Summer Cooking & Recipes

Try to build your seminar schedule, Read the rest of Now You Have Something To Talk About!

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Fit Pros Can Get Free Advertising

So you have tons of money for ads in magazines, newspapers, radio and television right?  Ha…just kidding!  If you’re like most fitness businesses, you don’t!  But there is a way to get free advertising.  You will have to work for it, but it will be worth it. Here is what we do and it really does work:

  • Develop a list of key local media contacts in your area including print, radio and TV – this will take some time.  Go to radio show, TV, newspaper and magazine websites and clicking on the “contact us” section.  Record all of the publishers, producers etc. email addresses, addresses and fax numbers.  Then use this list for the the next step.
  • Complete regular mail-outs, emails and fax-outs to develop relationships.  Tease them with some health and fitness information.  For example, state “I was just at IDEA, The International Health and Fitness Conference inLas Vegas and I learned some of the most incredible exercises for the abdominals.  It’s stuff you’ve never seen before.  Call me if you’d like to hear more about it” or “I was just at the IHRSA show in San Francisco and I’ve got to tell you about some of the hottest and craziest equipment new on the market” or offer a human interest story about one of your clients and their success- with their approval of course.  Just wet their taste buds and you can expect at least one or two call backs from each of your efforts.  Of course each time they run your idea, you are mentioned as the Health and Fitness expert and you can also ask for your business and your number to be listed so people can contact you if they have further questions.
  • Offer to write a free weekly/monthly fitness column.  The time spent writing the article will be well worth the advertising value.
  • Offer key media contacts a couple complimentary sessions so they can try out your services and see what it’s all about.  Perhaps propose a “Media Fitness Challenge” or “Getting into shape” challenge and rival reporters and producers of various networks against each other.  The press you get will be huge.

In the beginning, be ready to commit some time doing free articles, free appearances etc.  Sometimes new trainers expect things to just happen.  If you want to succeed, you will have to work at it.  Remember this, what goes around, comes around.  And your efforts will not go unnoticed!

indorow1 Fit Pros Can Get Free Advertising

Click on the video to see an example of a free TV spot we got after sending out a press release about our Indo-Rowers

It really does work!  

Yours in health, fitness and business,
Sherri McMillan

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FRM Video2 Fit Pros Can Get Free Advertising

Did you try a Spring Makeover Challenge and realize that you would have been way more successful if you had a resource guide for you and your participants to follow along with?  Don’t want to put the time and effort into writing this resource yourself?  Get the licensing rights to use The Fitness Results Manual that I created.  It helps us bring in about $20k in extra revenues for us each year.  Get 20% off through the end of June. Enter code FRM20 at checkout.  Don’t hesitate.  This is the last time this manual will be on sale this year


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Cross Promotions For Fitness Professionals

crosspromotion Cross Promotions For Fitness Professionals

Another question that I get from our PT Profits Mastermind Members and from fit pros that have purchased our Business of Personal Training System is…how do I approach a local business about setting up a cross promotion?  This is such a great question and cross promotions with local businesses can bring in lots of new clients for you and the other business…if you do it right!

Here’s how you might approach a local business owner:

Trainer:  Hey Phil, I’ve got a great idea that I think you’ll really like!
Phil:  Oh yeah.
Trainer:  Here’s how it works.  I’ll put together this Gift Certificate that you can hand out to all your customers.  We can set it up so that, for example, for every purchase of $100 or more, your customers will receive a Complimentary Personal Training session from me courtesy of you.  I’ll put your name and logo right up here.  This program will offer more value and savings to your customers.  It’ll be a special way that you can say “Thanks” to your customers for shopping at your store.  What do you think?
Phil:  I think it’s a great idea but what’s it going to cost me?
Trainer:  Would you do it if it were free?
Phil:  Yeah, of course!
Trainer:  Then, it’s settled.  I’ll take care of all the details and all you have to do is distribute this Gift Certificate to your customers after they’ve purchased something from you.

Can you imagine any business not wanting to offer an extra, special something to their loyal customers?  They have got nothing to lose.  And instantly you have an entire business promoting your services and helping you develop your client base.

Here are some other guidelines to help you when initiating this type of cross promotion.  Read the rest of Cross Promotions For Fitness Professionals

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Personal Trainers: Independent Contractor vs. Employee

emp vs contractor thumb 150x116 Personal Trainers: Independent Contractor vs. EmployeeOne of the MOST common questions we get from fitness business owners/managers in our mastermind group and from those who have purchased our Business of Personal Training System  is “Should I have Independent Contractors or Employees?”

Here is my answer….
Reviewing the history of the personal training industry, pretty much all of us started as independent contractors operating our personal training businesses within existing health and fitness clubs. Slowly over the years, many of these facilities decided to bring the training department in-house and make all their trainers employees. Why would they do this?

ONE: having employees brings more control and standardization to your business. It can become extremely unprofessional and confusing to the clientele when you have multiple trainers all running their own businesses within the same facility.

TWO: the IRS has very strict guidelines for professions and who should be considered an independent contractor or an employee.

Here’s what the IRS dictates -

Read the rest of Personal Trainers: Independent Contractor vs. Employee

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Cancellation Policy – What Now?

cancel2 300x300 Cancellation Policy   What Now?


Last week I gave you all of the steps we take to ensure we stick to our cancellation policy, keep revenues when it comes to cancelations and keep our customers happy when they need to late cancel.

Those steps work almost 100% of the time for us, but there is always the exception to the rule.  Some client needs and some situations just can’t be resolved this way.  So…if all else fails and you don’t want to lose a client over a cancellation dispute…Try:


Providing written explanation if needed:
If the client expresses their concern through email or you are unable to speak to them in person and/or you want to provide them with a copy of your cancellation policy and rationale. You do that and also include an email/letter that explains that you need to stick to your cancellation policy in order to be fair to all clients (how do you decide if one reason for a cancellation is better than another?), to keep clients accountable to their fitness programs and ensure that you won’t lose 25 -40% of revenues (common in our industry if you don’t have a strong cancellation policy) so that you can stay in business. When you are writing this type of email/letter be sure to still use the approaches I outlined in last week’s Cancellations Don’t Mean Revenues Lost blog post (paraphrase, empathize etc)

When is it the right time to waive the cancellation fee?: Read the rest of Cancellation Policy – What Now?

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Cancellations Don’t Mean Revenue Lost!

cancellation policy Cancellations Dont Mean Revenue Lost!

Cancellation Policies can be tricky, but with the correct approach they don’t have to mean lost revenue and they don’t have to mean upset clients.

The following simple steps help us avoid most of the issues that can arise when a client cancels after our predefined cancellation deadline (24hrs).  This can work for you too!

Step 1. CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) – whenever booking an appointment, always remind clients, “If for whatever reason you need to reschedule, please give us 24 hours notice so we can schedule someone else into that time slot”.  This will regularly remind them of the importance of advance notice and the value of our time and that we have a policy in place.

Step 2. Ask all of your trainers review your cancellation policy and the importance of explaining it during the comp session. Also, make sure Read the rest of Cancellations Don’t Mean Revenue Lost!

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Overcoming Obstacles & Excuses – Week 5

We have made it through the majority of the excuses that your clients will try to use to get out of training with you. After reading these last two scenarios you will be armed with what you need to help your clients overcome these obstacles.  Pretty soon your clients won’t even try to get out of workouts because they know you always have a comeback that is just too good!

Let’s Go Back Home
Imagine this scenario.  Your clients have scheduled a two-week vacation and have decided to drive to their favorite holiday destination. They get half way there, get a flat tire and turn around and go back home.  Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  But this is exactly what happens when most people start exercise or nutrition programs.  They are on their way to their goals and they slip up.  Instead of “fixing the flat” and continuing on toward their goal, they give up and return to old habits and patterns.  We know that 70 percent of people who start an exercise program drop out within a matter of months.  And most people who lose 10 pounds gain them back.  So how do you help your clients avoid being one of the failures?  It is important to help your clients realize and accept that there are going to be obstacles, challenges or perceived failures along the way to any goal.  Those who succeed learn from the challenge and get right back on the exercise track.

The Here and Now
chocolate cake slice 3 300x284 Overcoming Obstacles & Excuses – Week 5
So many of our clients fall prey to the lure of immediate gratification.  The chocolate cake staring them in the face is too great a temptation compared to future weight loss.  They would rather experience the pleasure now and worry about the consequences later.  A binge today simply means tomorrow they will eat better or they will work out twice as long or hard.  There is always a way to justify a lack of discipline.  Discipline and will power are perceived as deprivation – Read the rest of Overcoming Obstacles & Excuses – Week 5

Overcoming Obstacles & Excuses – Week 4

Here we are at week 4 of our 5 week series on Overcoming Obstacles & Excuses.
Remember, knowing how to get your clients or potential clients past these road blocks will keep them coming back for more.  It is your job to ensure that they stick to the plan!

My knees hurt so I can’t exercise
knee pain remedies 1 Overcoming Obstacles & Excuses   Week 4The health benefits of exercise often outweigh the risks.  Certain conditions may make exercise more difficult but a good trainer can work around most problems.  Consult with a health professional who can help you design a program that addresses your client’s specific concerns.  For example, if a client is suffering from a knee injury, there is no reason why you can’t work on their upper body and abdominals while they are rehabilitating their knees.

I can’t see any results
One of the biggest hurdles new exercisers face is that the effort often does not match the result.  They have been exercising for five weeks and jump up on the scale.  Ugh, no change!  They feel the program must not be working and give up.  Unrealistic expectations can be a real downer.  Convince your clients to stay off the scale.  Monitor how many more repetitions your clients can do of a particular exercise.  Read the rest of Overcoming Obstacles & Excuses – Week 4