Get Trainers To Help With Marketing

Most fitness businesses take on a good portion of the marketing responsibilities and the personal trainers spend the majority of their time focusing on their clients, but if you set your trainers up for success they can help with quite a bit of your marketing efforts as well as spend most of their time with clients….

writing email 230x300 Get Trainers To Help With MarketingAt Northwest Personal Training & Fitness Education we expect our trainers to have about an 80% productivity rate.  That means that 80%  of the time a trainers is scheduled to work should be spent with paying clients.  For example: working with personal training clients, partner training clients, team training or teaching a group training class.

The other 20% of time the trainer is scheduled to be at the studio should be used for things like:

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Start Improving Body Image

As we get closer and closer to the summer months, more and more of our clients want to start improving their body image.  Shorts, skirts and tank tops leave little option for covering any ‘flaws’ and many begin setting goals for how they’d like to change their body. Please read this blog if you want to start helping yourself and your clients achieve a healthy body image.

It about so much more than dieting and losing weight!

This article was posted a week ago and I was interested to see the response.  Many supported the article and others were very offended.

Dove 300x159 Start Improving Body Image

I read it and although I agree with some aspects, it does not account for genetic factors and individual differences. It is definitely true that some people have it a lot easier than others. They were born with better genetics, stronger metabolism, less fat cells etc.

Before setting any type of weight loss goal, it’s very important for you to examine your genetics and to understand that fat loss is dependent on your genetic breakdown.  Read the rest of Start Improving Body Image

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Generate Extra Revenue This Summer!

As fitness business owners and managers we are all looking for ways to generate extra revenue this summer and I wanted to share just one of the creative ways we encourage clients to work with us over the summer!

Everyone wins with this summer revenue generating idea:

NorthwestPT SummerTeenGroupTrainingFL 2013 231x300 Generate Extra Revenue This Summer!


It is simple.  Students are out of school. Parents are trying to find ways to keep them active and entertained during the summer.  Parents also often times find themselves with less time to get their workouts in during the summer because they are running around trying to keep up with their kids.

Why not help everyone out? Read the rest of Generate Extra Revenue This Summer!

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Don’t Let This Happen at Your Studio!

FRM Video2 Dont Let This Happen at Your Studio!Make sure to read this blog because I don’t want this to happen at your studio!

Here is what I saw at our studio the other day and the email I sent to our team to ensure that it doesn’t happen again!

“Hey Team,

I was at the front desk the other day and witnessed a trainer to Customer Service Representative (CSR) tag-off of a new client after an initial complimentary session (this is the critical point when the new client has made a verbal commitment and the trainer should guide the CSR on how exactly they have discussed the new client will be working with us!).

It was painful to watch! The conversation went something like this….

Trainer to CSR:  “Hey can you get client scheduled for their next appointment?  Thanks.” 

Trainer to new client:  “It was really great meeting you!  I have to run to my next client who is waiting for me but I look forward to seeing you again.”

CSR to new client:  “Ok, let me see what I’ve got available…” Then the CSR proceeds to ask questions such as “When do you want to train?”, “How often?” “How long do you want your appointments to be?”  “How many sessions do you want to buy?” etc…

And the clients responses“I’m not sure??” “Maybe this…or maybe that…I was thinking this…What do you suggest??”

Ugh!  Not good!

Remember the transition to CSR is absolutely critical!  You could ruin an amazing first session by not finishing correctly…Remember that as the trainer, you just spent an hour with them…you are the best person to direct exactly what should be purchased/scheduled.

Here is protocol for finishing an initial session with a new client… Read the rest of Don’t Let This Happen at Your Studio!

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Keeping Your Personal Training Schedule Full

referral2 300x266 Keeping Your Personal Training Schedule Full

Keeping your personal training schedule full requires an entrepreneurial mentality. It requires leadership from the personal training director and a reason for a personal trainer to take full ownership of their schedule. Personal training directors and personal training studio owners often struggle with how to educate and encourage their staff to continually ask for referrals and prospect for business, but don’t worry!  

I have some tips for you and your staff that will help keep schedules full and business thriving!

Here are the keys to keeping your personal training schedule full and rounding up referrals: Read the rest of Keeping Your Personal Training Schedule Full

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Should You Be Writing a Blog?

Should You Be Writing a Blog?

I have been writing blogs for our clients and for Fitness Professionals for quite some time now and I find it to be well worth the work.  Many Fitness Professionals ask us if they should start writing a blog and the quick answer is YES, but….you have to be committed to it and you have to know what your goals are when writing the blog!

We used to have a pretty simple blog, but in January of of 2011 I decided to upgrade the look, feel and functionality of our blog (which is what you see today).

We did hire an outside company to design both of our blogs, but that isn’t necessary.  You can get great templates with blogging services like WordPress and Blogger and with most of these services there is a free blogging option.

I want tell you a bit about why we upgraded our blog, why we think it is important to write blogs and some tips we have picked up along the way!

arrow products blog 300x174 Should You Be Writing a Blog?

Here is why we upgraded the blogs:

  • We wanted them to have a customized feel
  • We wanted to have an “optin” option (learn more about optin/email captures in this blog post) - This is where folks can sign up to receive something for free and in-turn they are signed up to receive my weekly eNewsletters and Blogs posts.
  • We wanted to be able to feature specific products during a blog post and have the products available to purchase right there on the blog.
  • We wanted to make it easier for our readers to find past blog posts
  • We wanted to make it easier Read the rest of Should You Be Writing a Blog?
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You Need More Than Just Word of Mouth Referrals!


referrals 300x300 You Need More Than Just Word of Mouth Referrals!As fitness professionals we know that word of mouth referrals are going to be the source of most of our new clients.  I am sure many of you have even read about different ways to verbally ask for referrals, but verbally asking for a referral is only 1 way to get referrals.  There are lots of ways to ask for referrals and you should be doing them all!  It is a numbers game.  The more ways you ask for referrals the more likely you are to see those primed potential new clients walking through your doors!

Here are a couple creative ways we ask for and encourage referrals:


High Profile Referral Funnels: 

If there are people in your community who know a lot of people, have charismatic personalities and would be great ambassadors for your business, consider offering them free Read the rest of You Need More Than Just Word of Mouth Referrals!

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How to Gather Email Leads Online

optin 253x300 How to Gather Email Leads OnlineI talk to lots of fitness professionals that know they need to gather email leads on their websites, facebook pages and blogs, but just don’t know where to start.  There is A LOT of information out there on this topic and it can be overwhelming….but gathering qualified email addresses online should be an interracial part of your marketing plan.  The good news?  It isn’t as hard as you might think!

 3 different ways we gather email leads online:


  • Check out our website and you will see that we have an “opt-in” box at the top of the page.  We offer to give away Free Personal Training and Free access to a portion of Sherri’s book.
  • Go ahead and click the “sign me up” button and enter your info to see how it works. Read the rest of How to Gather Email Leads Online
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Get & Keep Good Personal Trainers

One of the biggest struggles fitness businesses have is getting and keeping good personal trainers.  Here are some of the most popular questions I answer on this topic.  Remember, having solid systems in place that support your staff can make all the difference in the world!

2012 Van Team 300x168 Get & Keep Good Personal Trainers

How do I get and keep good personal trainers?

Keeping your trainers – you’ve got to have all pieces to the puzzle in place and include a fair compensation structure with some good perks, lots of genuine praise and recognition, responsibility and authority, gifts, team meetings, outings/get-togethers and a buy-in to your vision and what you’re trying to create….sometimes it’s easier to create this with new blood so even if you’ve lost some people, don’t stress out about it.  They’ve left for a reason and your business will be better because of it.

How you prevent trainers from resenting the amount of money the gym makes on their services?

One of the best ways to help a team Read the rest of Get & Keep Good Personal Trainers

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Free Advertising – Will You Work For It?

There are ways to get free advertising, but you will have to work for it.

Are you willing to do that?

newspaper 300x199 Free Advertising   Will You Work For It?The truth is that most fitness businesses don’t have money to take out ads in magazines or newspapers or create a commercial for the radio or television. But, there are ways to get free advertising if you are willing to work for it!

We are willing to put in the work and here are a few ways we make free advertising happen:


  • Develop a list of key local media contacts in your area including print, radio and TV


  • Complete regular mail-outs, emails and fax-outs to develop relationships. Tease them with some health and fitness information. For example, state “I was just at IDEA, The International Health and Fitness Conference in Las Vegas and I learned some of the most incredible exercises for the abdominals. It’s stuff you’ve never seen before. Call me if you’d like to hear more about it” or “I was just at the IHRSA show in San Francisco and I’ve got to tell you about some of the hottest and craziest equipment new on the market” or offer a human interest story about one of your clients and their success- with their approval of course. Just wet their taste buds and you can expect at least one or two call backs from each of your efforts. Of course each time they run your idea, you are mentioned as the Health and Fitness expert and you can also ask for your business and your number/website to be listed so people can contact you if they have further questions.


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