Team Training Works If Done Correctly!

download (10)Do you remember me telling you about how great team training is? It is a way for trainers to fill those tricky time slots and a way for clients to get more training at a lower rate. Get all the details on how team training works in my previous blog Generate Extra Revenue with Team Training.

Team Training is a discounted service to help fill schedules during down time and because of that it is important to keep tight parameters. Programs as specific as team training can become difficult to manage. This is how we remain consistent with this important revenue generating program:

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Clients Need a Rest Day?

Sherri _LarchDo your clients ever ask you when they should take a rest day? Here is what I tell my clients when they ask that question……

Tips I use to determine whether I’m being lazy or I need a day off.

  • If I’m tempted to press the snooze button and I fall right back asleep, that’s a sign my body needs some extra rest. If I just lay there wide awake, I’m probably just being lazy so I get up.
  • When I first wake up, I will check my emails and/or Facebook and the light from my cell usually wakes me up and then I’m ready to go. If that doesn’t work, I may need some more rest.
  • If I’m really tired, I will force myself to get up and open the blinds, grab some water and walk around. Usually by moving around, I start to wake up and feel better. If I’m still feeling exhausted, the rest is probably more important.

I’ve had days where both my kids were sick and my body felt like it was fighting something so I decided to take a rest day and reserve the energy for my immune system to give it a good fighting chance. A workout will stimulate your immune system but if it’s already being challenged, it can suppress it and take it over the edge. Read the rest of Clients Need a Rest Day?

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Core Exercises For Clients

You know how important core strength is, but have you reminded your clients how critical it is to their optimum health? Send this little bit of info and then either have them do the exercises with you during a session and/or have them perform these exercises as a supplement to your workouts together.

If your core is strong (core strength), that strength radiates out to your extremities and you will be better able to stabilize and align your body, absorb and brace for any impact and move your body more efficiently and with better mechanics. It’s important to mention that your core is not only your abs – but also includes your back and hips so to strengthen your core effectively you need to work the front, back and sides!

Try to perform the following exercises 2-3 days per week.

Tubing Trunk Rotation

Torso rotations2Anchor an exercise tube around a pole at about mid-body height.  Stand sideways to the pole holding the tube in both hands standing far enough so there is tension on the tube. Keep your abdominals contracted, maintain good posture and slowly pull the tube across your body. Perform 8-20 reps each side

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Strong Hips Help Keep Strong Knees

Do your clients know that if their hips aren’t stable and effectively able to stabilize their pelvis while walking, running or playing sports, their knees will suffer?


Strong Hips = Strong Knees.  Weak Hips = Weak Knees

Here’s some tips you can share with your clients on conditioning hips in a variety of ways. These exercises really work when performed 2-3 days per week on alternating days. Share with your clients!

Leg Step Up Read the rest of Strong Hips Help Keep Strong Knees

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Break Old Habits – Teach Clients

cookies-and-fresh-fruit--closeupWe humans are creatures of habit and often do things, not because we need to, but rather because it’s just the way we’ve always done them. If you/your clients are looking for ways to break old habits….keep reading!

Some common examples of bad nutritional habits are:

  • Salting your food
  • Eating during commercials
  • Always purchasing food at the movies even if you’ve just had dinner
  • Eating while studying
  • Always over-eating at parties
  • Snacking while making dinner
  • Eating poorly when you’re with friends
  • Always eating the same exact amount of food regardless of your hunger level
  • Stopping for a treat on your way home from a weekend destination regardless of your hunger level Read the rest of Break Old Habits – Teach Clients
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Successfully Handling Cancellations

cancelAs we all know….when a personal training client cancels it can be very frustrating for both you and the client. And for many fitness professionals it also means lots of lost revenue! Up to 40% of total weekly revenues! That doesn’t have to be the case.

We approach late cancellations in a very specific way at our studio. Our approach really works to elevate the uncomfortable feeling when you need to tell a client that they still need to pay for a session after they late cancel. It also helps you save what would have been lost revenue!

Read the latest article I wrote for PTontheNet to get ALL of the details.
Cancellations Don’t Have to Mean Lost Revenue

This is one you can’t afford to miss!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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Referral Request Email

referralsWe have discussed the importance of asking for referrals many times.

Here is another simple way to ask for referrals from your personal training clients.
Send this email that our Personal Training Director, Kristin Healey sent out to her clients recently. It is good for your clients, it is good for you/your business and it is good for the potential new client. Give it a try.

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Client Assessment Time

personal_trainer_with_clientWith kids going back to school, vacations ending, and clients getting back on track with their fitness routines, September is the prime month to cover fitness assessments, body comp testing, and to update training plans.  Make sure both your group trainers/instructors and your personal trainers have the appropriate forms available to perform these assessments with their clients. Your staff should also be aware of the process they should follow in asking for, receiving, processing and using these assessments.

Example Group Training Assessments
(from our Group Training Director – Trevor Thomas):

  • Core Training: Hover for Time
  • Indo-Row: 500m Row for Time
  • Muscle Tone and Sculpt: Max Push-ups
  • Muscle Strength and Power: 1 min Jump Rope for Revolutions
  • Adrenaline/Interval Cycling: 5 min stage for distance

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Get Fit To Get It Up

erectile-dysfunction-300x199Yep that’s right….we are going to talk about Erectile Dysfunction today. It may seem a little strange, but this is a serious issue that I have been wanting to write about for awhile now! This is something you should consider informing your clients of…. really you should!

Have you heard Erectile Dysfunction referred to as  “E.D.” in the fitness industry? aka Early Death? Read the rest of Get Fit To Get It Up

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Remain Diligent – Get More Clients

referral2We all know that we must remain diligent in our efforts to continually get more clients. But knowing and doing are two different things. It is easy to push things like handing out free passes and asking for referrals to the back of your “to do” list. Why do we do that and why do we think it is OK? Tasks that aren’t “due” immediately and that might be a little more difficult to complete many times end up on the back burner. It is imperative that you don’t put off your efforts to get more clients!

You should have something (or multiple things) involving actively seeking out new clients (or bringing back old clients) scheduled in your marketing plan for each month of the year.

Then you need to have someone to implement these actions…like a personal training director. Read the rest of Remain Diligent – Get More Clients

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