5 Tips To Stay Top Of Mind With Clients

It’s January and it is crunch time in the fitness industry. This is your ‘make or break’ time. Right now we all have the best opportunity to make the biggest impact on a lot of people’s lives. This is when people are thinking about getting back in shape. It’s just human nature that…come January….people are motivated to start working out and taking better care of themselves. Just check out Facebook – it seems that everybody is starting some type of challenge or cleanse! Remember that successful marketing for any business is being in the ”Client’s Mind When the Client is Ready to Buy.” And right now the client is definitely ready to take action! You need to be there to show them how you can help them achieve their goals! This is the time of year when most people WANT and NEED your help!

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So what does that mean? Well, here at Northwest Personal Training, January is when we set up the entire year for success.  Here are 5 tips I recently sent to our team.  I think of this as a Fitness Pep Rally!

Tip #1: Call Them Now!

Any of your comps who haven’t purchased…any clients who haven’t been in for a while…any referrals from current clients…any people you’ve met through community outreach…our watch list clients who have left us….our leads list…CALL THEM NOW. REACH OUT. CONNECT. DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO INSPIRE THEM TO TAKE ACTION! 

Tip #2: Be At Your Best

As a fitness professional, we expect that year-round, right?! But it’s even more important in January. You can’t afford to be away or sick – your clients and classes need you! So get lots of good sleep, eat well (lots of veggies) drink lots of water and take your Vit C if you’re feeling run-down. Put your game-face on no matter what is going on – you need to be positive, energetic and customer-service oriented. It’s show time!

Tip #3: Be Present

If you can help it, try not to be away over the next few months. In the fitness industry, it’s important to be present and at your best in January-March and September-November. The best time to schedule holidays in the fitness industry is July & August and December (keep that in mind as you plan your vacations this year.)

Tip #4: Be Mentally & Physically Prepared To Work Hard

You might need to stay late, come in early, work on a weekend. You might be juggling multiple tasks. You might be doing things that aren’t part of your normal job responsibilities. You should be prepared to take phone calls, do tours and be really good at this. Be ready to find out what a clients’ needs are and to show them how you can help them. Be genuine and honest and highlight how much we will take care of them.

Tip #5: Hone Your Skills Now

We spend a lot of time and $$ to get people to check us out, so we need to be masters of the phone and tours so we can highlight what we are all about when they do come in! What a waste it would be if an individual is motivated to call or come in to check us out and their first impression is a poor one. Focus on customer service!

These are the 5 best tips I can give our staff to ensure we take full advantage of the increased number of clients walking through our doors this time of year. Take this list and tweek it to meet your business needs and send it on to your staff. Be ready to be crazy successful in 2019!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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