7 Must Haves For Fitness Business Success

I have written on numerous topics in this blog related to running a highly successful and profitable personal training business, and today I want to help you take a step back and review the big picture. Whether you are just starting out or if you have been at it for years, these are the….

……Simple yet important aspects you MUST have to be successful and profitable!

  1. Have the belief that there is a potential to be extremely successful and profitable in the Personal Training industry and YOU can do it!
  2. Vision and imagination – as a leader you are able see more than what others can see and see the potential that others may not see!
  3. Have goals established for your business – be as detailed as possible so you can create and follow your map to success.
  4. Have Mentors/Consultants that You can rely on – from within the industry, business people outside the industry etc.  Learn from others!
  5. Create YOUR Brand – who are you as a business? what is your competitive advantage? What do you do that others can’t?
  6. Have The Ability to Manage Change – you need to be OK with change and you need to teach your team to be OK with change.
  7. Make The Commitment – opening and running a business is a HUGE time, energy and financial commitment.  This commitment must be part of your mindset so that you are ready to make it through the hard times and come out on the other side as a successful Fitness Business Owner!

Stay tuned…next week I will tell you what you need in place on the operations side of things. VERY important stuff.

Watch this 3 min video where I expand on these ideas.

YouTube Preview Image

Remember, these are the 7 most important “Big Picture” things I believe every fitness business/personal training business owner/manager must have in place to be successful and profitable. Take a look at your business and be truthful. Do you have these 7 things?

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  • Building an exceptional Customer Service team
  • The value of multiple Profit Centers
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Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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