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Leadership 101 in 2 Minutes

January 16, 2018

You can give all of your time and effort to your business and to leading your team, but if you haven’t gained your teams’ trust…they will not follow. Here is the good news!

Take the appropriate steps, lead by example and be open and honest with your team and it will go far. It is all about YOUR character….

There are ways to set yourself up for success as a leader and I share them with you in this 2 min video.

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4 Minutes To Successful Comp Sessions

January 9, 2018

It is that time of year where….if you have done the appropriate marketing work….you have lots of potential new clients walking through your doors. Are you ready for them? Do you and your staff  have a specific plan on how to show these potential new clients how you and your staff can be the ticket to their fitness success?

We have a system that all of our trainers use when conducting a first session with a potential new client. This system allows each trainer to use his/her own style, but gives them a guideline on the specific pieces of the puzzle that will lead the potential new client to make a commitment to their fitness and to your business. Read more on 4 Minutes To Successful Comp Sessions…

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