Group Training – More Tips!

13640725_10154285118073607_1238369937856848424_oOver the last couple months we have reviewed many ways to make your group training sessions successful…

Can you believe it? I have even more tips to help make your Group Training Sessions/Program successful! These are the same tips that I give the trainers that work at Northwest Personal Training.

Make Clients Accountable

All of our Group Training clients meet with a trainer initially to establish a schedule that suits their needs, lifestyle and goals best.  They are then scheduled into our Group Training appointment calendar so we know when they are supposed to be there.  If a client does not show up for a scheduled Group Training session, be sure to call them immediately.  Remember not to judge, but it is our job to help our clients commit to their goals.  If a client repeatedly misses a session, ask if perhaps we should reassess their schedule and create a plan that would be easier to commit to.

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Choose Music and Volume Wisely

Understand whether music is an integral part of the program as in Indoor Cycling or Cardio Circuits which would require you to ensure you spend some time choosing music that will be energizing and appropriate for the type of people attending your session.  Know whether music should be used just for background usage such as for any of the muscle conditioning programs when clients need to hear your technique tips more than the music.  Never have music blaring so that is harmful or obnoxious.  And never choose music that has inappropriate lyrics or bad language.

Start & Finish On Time

Time is of essence and clients really like to know that sessions will start and finish as noted on the schedule.  Please watch the clock and know the start and finish time of each program you teach on the schedule.

Foster the Development of Friendships

Introduce all participants to each other.  Remind them that they are in this together.  Get them to high-5 each other or pull them in for a group cheer at the end of a workout

Foster Self-Esteem

Regularly point out an individual’s improvement to the entire group.  Be specific in your praise.  For example, point out that a client is lifting 10 extra pounds in comparison to when they first started.  Ensure that your feedback is quantitative and specific.  Tell them exactly how they’ve improved or what specifically you like in their performance.  This will help to develop your clients’ confidence and self-esteem.

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