Group Training – Before Your Session

13507010_10154231000758607_7840138003772259393_nWe have discussed the importance to having a plan when it comes to Group Training and the benefits of Group Training. Today I want to give you some pointers on what to do right before your session begins. Impress your clients every time when you follow these suggestions!

Technical Preparation

  • Have a goal, purpose or format – clients like to know you are organized.
  • Have your music cued and ready to go – don’t forget your back-up music
  • Prepare any equipment needs

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Attitude Preparation

  • Make the next 1 hour the best part of your clients’ day – Make a difference!
  • Remember – they are here for you!


  • Stand around and be accessible 5 minutes before your session
  • Stand at the reception/class entrance to welcome clients and provide friendly greetings (winks, smiles, touch, thank participants for coming, use participant’s names, handshake, positioning and postures) – Within the first 30 seconds, as your students walk into class, they size you up and determine your worthiness.

Ask a question, state a fact, give an opinion

  • “Hey Gary, how’s Doreen?”
  • “Jane, this is your 4th time here this week, Congratulations!  You’ve been so consistent lately!”
  • “Hey Betty, great haircut!”
  • “Hey Yvonne, I’m so glad you were able to get here this morning!”
  • “Hi there!  Is this your first time here today?  Great, what’s your name?  Well, _______ it’s nice to meet you.  I’m Sherri.  I’ll be teaching the class today!  If you have any questions, please come and see me after class”
  • “Andrea, I’ve got some leg exercises prepared for today that you’re going to love – they’re perfect for your running goals!”

These are just a few simple things you can do right before your group training session to wow your clients and keep them coming back for more sessions!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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