Group Training – Have a Plan!

grouptrainingLast week we discussed the benefits of having a group training program. Now that we know why it is a good idea to have a group training program, I wanted to give you a plan for success when teaching your group training programs!

Study Your Group

All of your clients should complete a Client Information Questionnaire before they enroll in your programs. If you see a new person in your group, ask them if they have any concerns, injuries, medical issues you should be aware of.  Ask them if they mind if you review their Client Information Questionnaire so you can better know their history and goals. They’ll appreciate that you care and will be more likely to want to return to your programs because you know who they are and what they want.

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Be Prepared and Organized

You cannot “wing” a Group Training session. To manage a number of different people all with various goals, fitness levels and needs, requires that you have spent some time thinking through the logistics of the entire session from start to finish.

Lesson Plan

You need one to help you design your programs!

Be Early

Be there 5-10 minutes before the start of the session to organize equipment and circuits. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have all equipment needed? Is it clean, organized and in good shape?
  • Where is my Lesson Plan?
  • Do I have educational topics planned to discuss with my clients?
  • Who is arriving and do I know everyone by name?
  • Who is arriving that I need to introduce myself to?
  • If working out to music, is it cued and at the right bpm?
  • Does anyone have any physical problems requiring modification?
  • Is everyone wearing the proper clothing and footwear?

Introduce Yourself and Quickly Explain the Workout Focus and Format:

  • Introduce yourself and greet all your clients by name
  • Name the type of program to be taught, its components and any equipment requirements
  • Talk about appropriate modifications and progressions
  • Reassure new comers and beginners

Have Charisma and a Positive, Energetic Personality:

“Charisma is about celebrating your individual style – all the qualities which are unique to you.   When you allow yourself to be expressive and uninhibited, your class moves beyond a “good” class and becomes a dynamic one.  Everyone develops their own techniques; however, no matter what your approach is, effective communication and dynamic presentation always begins with awareness.  We are often not aware of having a certain expression on our face, or a certain quality to our voice.  Yet these are major factors in the impression we make on others.”    ~ Allison Matthews ~

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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