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download (10)Here at Northwest Personal Training we are very proud of our Group Training Program. We keep class sizes small, our own personal trainers teach most of our classes and we ask clients to commit to specific classes and times in the current schedule. This helps hold them accountable for coming to class and allows us to send out motivating emails to the entire class.

When we have a new group training client we make a special effort to make him/her feel welcome and also make sure that all of the group training instructors are aware of the new client, the new client’s goals, limitations and the classes the new client has committed to coming to.

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Here is a sample email that one of our trainers sent out to our staff introducing a new group training client:

“We have a new group client starting this Saturday. Jane, she is about 40 dark hair and SUPER nice:) She is a past client that has been out of it for about 3 years. It will take a few weeks to get back to where she is feeling good. I told her to take it easy in classes and that we would offer modifications. She had a knee injury (possible meniscus tear that healed on its own). She did a little PT but will need to be mindful with lunges initially. 

This next week she will be taking:

Cycle – 8:00am – Molly

Cycle – 8:00am – Alex/Judith

Indorow 9:00am – Molly

Interval cycle 5:30pm – Judith

The following her week her goal is:
9:00am’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday”

Pay this much attention to your group training clients and they will see the results they are looking for!

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