Exercises for Strong Clients – Swimming

Many of us have clients that are currently training for triathlons. Of course we want to help them get and stay strong for each of the three portions of the race; swim, bike & run. Today I am going to share my top 4 exercises that can help swimmers stay strong and feel great in the water.

Most of us….and our clients probably learned how to swim when we were
younger and yet, most adults find it an incredibly challenging activity. So, remind your clients that if their bodies aren’t conditioned for swimming, their shoulders and low back may take a beating.

Here are a few exercises you can work on with your clients to help them prepare their bodies for swimming.


Anterior and Posterior Arm Lifts: 

Lreverseflybie on a bench holding light handweights (2-5 pounds).  Keeping your abdominals contracted and your chest slightly lifted, slowly raise the weights forward until they are horizontal with your body.  Then return to the starting position and press weights backwards.  Keep your arms only slightly bent during the entire range of motion so the motion comes from the shoulder joint not the elbow. Repeat 8-20 times.

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Rear Leg Lifts:

reversebackextensionLie on your stomach with your legs straight and your head in a comfortable position.  Slowly lift both legs off the floor – focus on lengthening and reaching the legs rather than how high you can lift.  Keep your abdominals tight and contract your buttock muscle.  Pause and then return to the starting position.  Repeat 8-20 reps.

Opposite Arm and Leg Lift:

oppositearmlegliftbLie on your stomach and place your hands on the floor in front of you.  Keeping your abdominals tight slowly lift one leg and the opposite arm off the floor.  Focus on lengthening, reaching and stretching your body instead of how high you can lift. Once you’ve got the technique, increase your speed and flutter your arms and legs quickly.  Repeat for 30-90 seconds.

Trunk Stretch

PillowarchesLie on your back over a few pillows positioned at the height of your shoulder blades. Position your arms overhead and just allow your body to stretch over the pillows.  This is a great stretch to lengthen your swimming muscles.

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