Client Fitness Assessment Month

DSC02801Can you believe 2016 is here!  As you know, January is a great time of year to recharge your clients programs to set a game plan for the new year.  No matter what our client’s goals may be, it is necessary to have a solid way of how to best track their progress.  January at Northwest Personal Training is our client fitness assessment month. We will be conducting these fitness assessments in both group training classes and personal training sessions. We have specific assessment forms for both group training clients and personal training clients. (Want more forms? Want to get your business organized? You can have the system I created and use everyday at our studio….and use it to run your fitness business. Check out the Business of Personal Training System.)


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For Personal Training Client Fitness Assessments:

It is key to have measurable progress when conducting a client fitness assessment. Use numbers and specific measurements so that your clients can see their results when you check back on their file. Make sure that all client files have a blank fitness assessment form included in them before starting the first sessions of the year. Be prepared, take assessments seriously and show your clients how much you care about their health and fitness. They will notice!

For Group Training Fitness Assessments:

We keep this as simple as possible to ensure it gets done because we know how hectic it can be before, during and after group training sessions. We leave a binder in our group exercise room with the names of all of our group training clients listed in alphabetical order. We also leave blank copies of the group assessment form in the front of the binder. During the start of the group training session we simply pass around the binder and have each client grab their assessment sheet and ask him/her to fill it out and give it back to the instructor.

Here are a few of the assessments we will be conducting in our group training classes:

Interval/Adrenaline Cycle – 5 minute stage for Distance

Muscle Tone and Sculpt, Muscle Strength and Power – DB Bench Press

Indo-Row – 500m for Time

Core Conditioning/Pilates – Hover time on Toes

Bootcamp – Jump-Rope 1-min for revolutions, Push-Ups max reps

Go ahead and take care of these client fitness assessments now. You and your clients will be glad you did!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan


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