Why Should I Pay For That?

One of the programs we recently tried to run had to be canceled due to low registration. It was an event you have to pay for, but it would have been well worth it! I sent out an email to our personal training team asking them why they thought the event didn’t get very many registrations and one answer ways “our clients don’t want to pay for that program when I could do it for free?”….

So the question is “Why Should I Pay For That when I can do it by myself for free?

team photo 2014Well, that question does come up….why would I pay for a program when I can do it for free. That question can hold validity for anything that we offer to our clients in the fitness industry right? Everything that we do can be done for free.

Why pay for a trainer when you can workout for free?
Why pay for a hike when you can do it for free?
Why pay for a running club when you can run for free?
Why pay extra for a class when you can get it for no extra cost with your local gym membership for $30/month?

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We have to be different
We have to be better
We have to offer more than just the workout
We have to offer education
We have to offer safety
We have to offer guidance
We have to be coaches
We have to hold experience
We need to hold clients accountable
We need to be a motivatorWe have to foster the development of friendships and a community

 If we offer something people can’t get anywhere else, they won’t go anywhere else!! 

Remember…..that your clients are paying for a service that they CAN’T get by themselves so provide all of these “whys” and they will never question why they come to you when they could workout on their own for free!

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Sherri McMillan

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