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clientsurveyIt is that time of year again where we conduct our client survey. We conduct this survey 3 times per year and use it to create our updated group training schedule, make changes to the studio and use it to check in with our clients to make sure they are happy! You can learn more about the details on how we set up the survey, how we distribute the survey and what we do with the information in the blog post Happy Clients Mean More Clients

Our Assistant Fitness & Training Director is in charge of creating, distributing and collecting the data of the survey 3 times per year. It is extremely important that all of our clients are aware of the survey and have ample time to complete the survey. We ask each trainer to send an email to their clients (both personal training and group training) – using reports from Mindbody Online… and personally ask them to complete the survey. We also print out little cards with the survey link and info and place those cards in our trainers boxes so they can hand them out to clients.



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Here is the email that our Assistant Fitness & Training Director recently sent out to our trainers asking them to help distribute the information about our survey. Feel free to check out our most recent survey to see who we set it up!

“Good evening team,

Our July Client Survey is now open, through July 15th.  Please send the survey link to all of your clients, both Group and PT.  I will have survey link cards ready for you to pass out by Wednesday, but let’s hit our clients two fold with a direct email as well.  Below is a sample email that you may simply copy and paste.  Remember that the more feedback we receive, the more accurately we can plan programs to toward their preferences.  Marketing made easy!


Greeting fitness fiends!

The NWPT Summer 2015 client survey is out!  This is your chance to tell us what you think about our locker room amenities, customer service, training programs and so much more.  Take 10 minutes to let us know what you think, and be entered into our drawing for your chance to win a 30 minute private training session.”

Go ahead and make surveys a part of your yearly marketing plan because happy clients mean more clients!!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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