YOUR Logo All Over Town!


We are constantly doing different things to ensure that our brand, our business, our studio, our trainers etc….are top of mind when people in our community are thinking about improving or maintaining their health and fitness.

One of the many ways we do this is by creating walking billboards! That is right. We LOVE to have our logo on t-shirts, jackets, hats and any other piece of clothing we can think of and we LOVE to have people wearing our logo all over town!  So how do we do it?

Here are 2 simple ways to make sure you have walking billboards throughout your community:


That is right.  We give away T-Shirts for lots of different reasons.

  • Try giving away t-shirts:
      • When people volunteer to help with your events. 
      • To participants of your events. 
      • To winners of your weight loss challenges. 
      • At special activities that you do (like group hikes, running clubs, bike clubs etc.)
    • The secret is to make sure you give away t-shirts that fit well and are of good quality when you can. And most importantly make sure that your business name and logo are the main focal point of the t-shirt! 
    • (also try beanie hats in the winter, bandannas, gloves and canvas bags!)

Embroider Your Logo on Your Employees Clothes for FREE!

  • We don’t provide uniforms for our employees, but here is what we do:
    • We will print our logo on any fitness clothing for our staff for free
    • I give each staff member a logoed shirt/jacket each year for Christmas
    • Our staff can participate in our events for free and they get a logoed shirt etc. for each of those events
  • Our staff is required to wear a Northwest Personal Training shirt while at work, but since they get to choose their favorite shirts and jackets to be embroidered with our logo….they are more likely to wear their Northwest Personal Training gear outside of work….yet another walking billboard for us!

So you can see how after years of providing logo-ed gear to our community and staff  how the Northwest Personal Training walking billboards start adding up!  Give it a try!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan


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