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I have mentioned the importance of sending out regular press releases in the past, but something really great happened for our studio this week that made me want to remind you that you can have press release success just like us!

I have a list of local contacts (that I built by going to newspaper, radio, TV websites and grabbed contact info from) and I send email press releases to that list every 2 weeks.  They are used to hearing from me now!

Because of my persistence, a local morning news caster thought of me when he had a cancellation for his segment on Wednesday morning.  I got his call on Monday night and had to scramble but we pulled together an awesome segment for them and got about 15 minutes of TV coverage and tons of promotion/marketing as a result!  Can’t pay for that kind of advertising!

The key with working with the media is regularly send out ‘media friendly teasers’ to local media producers/editors, always get back to them right away, make their life easy, be a great resource for them…if you do this, they will always come to you when they need a quote, a guest, a segment…it doesn’t happen overnight though.  It comes with persistent, consistent connections.  Eventually you become their go-to person in the fitness industry.

So dig up a list of media contacts and start sending out press releases!  Get more exposure!  Get more clients!

Yours in health, fitness & business,

Sherri McMillan

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Go out there and create your own press releases success!

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