Closing the Sale – It’s Not What You Think

Hopefully you have done some exciting and creative marketing this month and lots of new prospective clients are walking through your doors.

Are you and your staff ready for them?

During this busy time of year it is so important that you feel comfortable and confident with your sales process.  The clients that you sign up this month can play a huge factor in your overall yearly sales.

So the question is…how do you close the sale?

Well, lets focus on the first step: developing a relationship . Closing the Sale is not at all about “Closing the Sale”.  If you enter communications with a potential client with this as your primary goal, you will not “close the sale” or will shortly lose the client.  Selling any product or service is all about opening or developing a relationship!  A good salesperson does not focus on selling a person but rather on servicing the person.  At Northwest Personal Training, we sell by focusing on servicing.  When you focus on helping people and figuring out their needs and goals, the sales take care of themselves.  Before any interaction with a potential client, ask yourself ‘how can I help this individual?’  What are their needs?

Making their needs the focus makes it very easy to communicate with them.  A first encounter that does not intimidate someone or make them feel pressured to buy is critical.  Your role is to welcome them and make them feel comfortable and safe with you.  Remember that your knowledge in physiology will be wasted unless you immediately connect and develop trust with your potential clients.  They will know whether you are just trying to sell them or whether you genuinely desire to help them.  By just telling a client what they want to hear, you may sometimes close the sale in the short-term.  However, once the client realizes you were not being completely up-front with them and if they perceive you have “pulled a fast one on them” you will quickly lose the client.  Success in the fitness industry depends on your ability to keep clients not just sell them.

I know you are not in the fitness industry because you love selling but because you love helping people.  But you need to sell to get people to experience your services!  Remember that selling is not a bad thing!  We are selling a very good thing – improved health and fitness, more energy, enhanced confidence and self-esteem, longevity.  You must believe in yourself and your services!!  Remember that if a person has called you or inquired about your services, they are interested.  They are just waiting for you to convince them that we can help them.

Take a look at this quick 4 min video where I outline some of the important things that you need to do during a first session with a prospective new client.

YouTube Preview Image
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