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Happy New Year Fit Pros and welcome to our busiest time of year.  If you have planned and executed your advertising correctly…you should be seeing TONS of potential new clients walk through your doors.  When you sit down to discuss how these potential new clients will work with you it is likely that you will hear this objection: “I would love to hire a personal trainer, but I can’t afford one.” While it’s true that some of our clients have the resources and disposable income to afford the luxury of seeing a personal trainer a number of times per week, most people aren’t in that same position.  Here are a few options we offer so that people CAN afford a personal trainer.

  • Team Training for only $25 per hour – You are sharing the cost of a trainer with a few other people.  Many of our clients can afford to do this once
    or more times per week.
  • Partner training – You share the cost of training with a friend, spouse, or co-worker making training more affordable for both of you.
  • Group Training classes – You can train as much as 6x/week with a trainer for as little as $5/hour. Classes include such incredible workouts as indoor cycling, indoor rowing, bootcamps, yoga, pilates, core conditioning, kick boxing and more.
  • 30 minute workouts – If an hour session is out of your budget, just do 30 minutes.  Trust us, we can give you an extremely effective workout in 30 minutes!
  • Oversee program – You can see us as little as once every 4-8 weeks just to make updates to a program that you follow on your own.  We have many clients that are members at other gyms and just come and see us for their training and to ensure they are progressing appropriately.
  • Specialty programs – We often host various programs that are designed to be cost effective ways for people to workout with us.

Put a list together of your “other” options and send it to your client base/email mailing list to remind them of the affordable options you offer.  Don’t offer these types of options and want to learn how to implement them?  Email to learn how we can help guide you in the right direction.

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Yours in Health, Fitness & Business,
Sherri McMillan

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