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Have you tried Team Training? Of course we offer private training and partner training and that is our bread and butter, but I am a big believer in diversifying revenue streams.  One way to do this is to offer team training.  We do and it really works! I asked each of our trainers to come up with a couple Team Training Options that they can each host based on their passions and interests.  We will be launching these team trainings in January.
Here is how it works and why Team Training is a win for you and win for your clients.

How it works:

  • Trainers choose an hour time slot where they don’t have clients and when it isn’t a busy time at the studio.
  • That trainer then markets that time slot and tries to bring in at least 2 clients and a maximum of 4 clients to train during that time slot.

  • Sometimes these are specialty groups like kettlebells or high intensity and sometimes they are just normal personal training groups. (Email for a list of our most popular Team Training Options/Specialty Groups).
  • The trainer gets paid $10 per hour per person that is signed up for the group.  This means it is in the trainer’s best interest to get all 4 spaces filled.
  • The client only pays $25 per hour, which is a GREAT deal!  Because of this amazing deal and because that time is reserved for that client and the other team training members…we do require that they sign up for 10 weeks and if the client misses one of the sessions in the 10 week time frame the client losses that session.  We will try to fit them into another team training time slot during that week, but that is something extra we do and we can’t guarantee that we will be able to find an opening.

Here’s the benefits of team training…Everyone wins:

  • Clients can get training at a lower cost.  $25 per hour!
  • Clients can train more frequently b/c they can afford to.
  • Clients get better results b/c they are having fun, being held accountable to the trainer and fellow clients and are training more frequently.
  • Trainers make more $$ per hour.
  • Business generates more revenue…especially during typically slow times.

We. have found that with the right Team Training options and times…this can be a fantastic revenue stream.

(Email for a list of our most popular Team Training Options/Specialty Groups).

Click HERE to see the team training options we will be offering starting in mid January.

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Sherri McMillan


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