Fit Pros Can Get Free Advertising

So you have tons of money for ads in magazines, newspapers, radio and television right?  Ha…just kidding!  If you’re like most fitness businesses, you don’t!  But there is a way to get free advertising.  You will have to work for it, but it will be worth it. Here is what we do and it really does work:

  • Develop a list of key local media contacts in your area including print, radio and TV – this will take some time.  Go to radio show, TV, newspaper and magazine websites and clicking on the “contact us” section.  Record all of the publishers, producers etc. email addresses, addresses and fax numbers.  Then use this list for the the next step.
  • Complete regular mail-outs, emails and fax-outs to develop relationships.  Tease them with some health and fitness information.  For example, state “I was just at IDEA, The International Health and Fitness Conference inLas Vegas and I learned some of the most incredible exercises for the abdominals.  It’s stuff you’ve never seen before.  Call me if you’d like to hear more about it” or “I was just at the IHRSA show in San Francisco and I’ve got to tell you about some of the hottest and craziest equipment new on the market” or offer a human interest story about one of your clients and their success- with their approval of course.  Just wet their taste buds and you can expect at least one or two call backs from each of your efforts.  Of course each time they run your idea, you are mentioned as the Health and Fitness expert and you can also ask for your business and your number to be listed so people can contact you if they have further questions.
  • Offer to write a free weekly/monthly fitness column.  The time spent writing the article will be well worth the advertising value.
  • Offer key media contacts a couple complimentary sessions so they can try out your services and see what it’s all about.  Perhaps propose a “Media Fitness Challenge” or “Getting into shape” challenge and rival reporters and producers of various networks against each other.  The press you get will be huge.

In the beginning, be ready to commit some time doing free articles, free appearances etc.  Sometimes new trainers expect things to just happen.  If you want to succeed, you will have to work at it.  Remember this, what goes around, comes around.  And your efforts will not go unnoticed!

Click on the video to see an example of a free TV spot we got after sending out a press release about our Indo-Rowers

It really does work!  

Yours in health, fitness and business,
Sherri McMillan

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