Cross Promotions For Fitness Professionals

Another question that I get from our PT Profits Mastermind Members and from fit pros that have purchased our Business of Personal Training System is…how do I approach a local business about setting up a cross promotion?  This is such a great question and cross promotions with local businesses can bring in lots of new clients for you and the other business…if you do it right!

Here’s how you might approach a local business owner:

Trainer:  Hey Phil, I’ve got a great idea that I think you’ll really like!
Phil:  Oh yeah.
Trainer:  Here’s how it works.  I’ll put together this Gift Certificate that you can hand out to all your customers.  We can set it up so that, for example, for every purchase of $100 or more, your customers will receive a Complimentary Personal Training session from me courtesy of you.  I’ll put your name and logo right up here.  This program will offer more value and savings to your customers.  It’ll be a special way that you can say “Thanks” to your customers for shopping at your store.  What do you think?
Phil:  I think it’s a great idea but what’s it going to cost me?
Trainer:  Would you do it if it were free?
Phil:  Yeah, of course!
Trainer:  Then, it’s settled.  I’ll take care of all the details and all you have to do is distribute this Gift Certificate to your customers after they’ve purchased something from you.

Can you imagine any business not wanting to offer an extra, special something to their loyal customers?  They have got nothing to lose.  And instantly you have an entire business promoting your services and helping you develop your client base.

Here are some other guidelines to help you when initiating this type of cross promotion. 

  • Decide upon the exact details of the promotion.  What will the client have to purchase in order to receive the Gift certificate?
  • Get the weekly customer count so you know how many certificates/flyers to produce
  • Get their business logo
  • Ask for the # of employees and give each a small freebie at the end of the promotion to thank them for their support.  This type of promotion is limited by whether the staff at the business supports it.  So get them on your side right from the beginning by letting them know they will get something in return for their enthusiasm.  The most obvious incentive is offering each employee 1-2 complimentary personal training sessions.
  • This type of promotion should last maximum 1-2 weeks long.  If you drag the promotion on longer than this, it can sometimes get monotonous and the staff may start to lose their enthusiasm.
  • It is acceptable to do a different promotion with other businesses at different times.  For example, each month focus on a new local business.  You name will get around quickly and other businesses will start asking you to work with them also.
  • Be sure that you specify to the business that the certificates must be treated like money.  They are not to be left in the open where anyone can pick them up.  It devalues the offer.  They should be offered at the point of sale when the cashier is returning change and receipts.
  • Encourage the business to advertise the promotion in their store front display windows, throughout the store and in any media advertising.  By making their customers aware of the promotion, it may encourage them to purchase more goods.  Provide the business with any promotional material you have to help them advertise the promotion including your head shot, brochures and personal dossiers.

Developing relationships with local business in this manner may open up other opportunities as well.  They may allow you to post and distribute your promotional flyers and brochures permanently for their customers.  They may allow you use of their space to host educational lectures for their customers.  They may allow you to purchase their customer list so that you can mail promotional flyers or brochures to their customers or perhaps they will allow you to piggy-back one of their mail-outs in return for complimentary sessions.  Initiating strong relationships within your community can only benefit your business.  Developing these types of cross promotions will ensure you always have a constant influx of potential clients into your business.  Start with one cross promotion- measure the success and then continue with other promotions.

*Note* we also have a section on our website called the “client zone” where we discounts our clients can receive at local businesses.  This is another great way to entice a local business to partner with you!

Yours in health, fitness and business,
Sherri McMillan

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